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Long Kimono Robe

At KIM+ONO, we are all about equality and that goes for fashion, too. Although our company is devoted to empowering women and lifting up our fellow sisters, our kimono robes are not just for women. Each of our beautiful long kimono robes are the perfect addition to any closet. Whether it’s a women’s kimono robe or a men’s kimono robe, a long kimono drapes the wearer in luxury and grace. It’s an elegant touch to any outfit. For a woman, a kimono dress ups her style game with extra interest, gorgeous drape, and a surprising touch of whimsy. For a man, we think the same rules apply! And beyond the beautiful ways you can wear your kimono robe out into the world, everyone should enjoy a touch of luxury and beauty at home. Our long kimono robes are made to be worn with confidence, from the soft silk textures to the easy to wear charmeuse blends, each kimono robe speaks to style personality of whomever chooses it. As the long kimono falls around your waistline and ankles, whether you’re a woman or a man, you’re draped in luxury and adding a classic touch of sophistication to your day, even if it’s just lounging around the house. And that sartorial deep breath is something we think everyone should experience.