White Silk Robe

The color white is as bold and beautiful as you are, and that’s why we love the flow and look of a long white kimono robe at any time of the year. White reflects the beauty and stillness of winter, the aliveness and fun of the summer, and acts as a statement piece whenever you’re wearing it. Not only is the white kimono a clean, bright pop of color, it’s also the perfect choice for the most important day: your wedding day. We love women’s kimono robes that can be used on special occasions by brides and bridal parties, but then also packed for the honeymoon or any other special date or vacation. If you want to head to the beach, our long kimono robes with floral and botanical details are the perfect cover up, with the color white as a sophisticated backdrop for your sense of summer whimsy. And the gorgeous thing about these women’s kimono robes? White is a beautiful look year round. No matter when you choose to wear yours, you can be sure you’re making a statement. Whether you’re new to kimono robes or you’re looking for a white kimono to round out your collection, this color is oh so easy to wear and easy to love.

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