rose quartz, rollover rose quartz
adventurine adventurine, amethyst, rose quartz
rosie blush stripe, MAIN-FS white navy floral, white window pane
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We hope when you slip on your silk kimono robe, you’re slipping into a healthy state of mind. Your wellness routine (which we hope our kimono robes are a part of) is essential to your sense of ease, peace, and calm. That’s why we’ve created a wellness collection to reflect those qualities and give you the tools to get there. Start off with our jade roller. This jade face roller is used to stimulate blood circulation, improve your skin tone, and reduce puffiness while tightening pores. The jade roller benefits can be seen in your cheeks, forehead, chin, and, with the small jade roller, under your eyes. Your Gua Sha tool can also be used for a radiant complexion that helps to brighten dull skin. Take the rose quartz tool across your cheeks and cheekbones, along the brow bone and down the chin for a beautiful face massage. Whether you’re using a jade roller to smooth and stimulate your skin, a Gua Sha tool to brighten your complexion, or a silk kimono robe to add a little bit of luxury to your day, your wellness is vital to your health. Take a moment every day to tap in, slow down, and take care of yourself. You deserve it.