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Summer Robe

Summer should be a time of letting things be easy. And we couldn’t be more on board with lounging and relaxing in a summer kimono robe that makes it a treat to get dressed each morning. When picking out your summer wardrobe, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice luxury or style. That’s why we created our modern women’s kimono robes to double as incredibly soft luxury to wear at home and bold statement pieces to take out on the town, or beach, or vacation. Inspired by vintage Asian art, the beautiful blooms of nature, and a generations-long family history in Chinatown, we’ve created an elegant collection of kimono robes just for you. Whether you’re looking for a long kimono robe to wear while relaxing around your apartment, or a kimono cover up to wear on your beach vacation is more your style, these modern women’s kimono robes offer you endless options for your imagination to run wild. The designs aren’t just lightweight and swoon-worthy, but each of our robe collections also uses different materials, so no matter what your preference, you can find your perfect match. From the intricate of a handpainted silk kimono robe, to our In Lieu of Silk collection which boasts a viscose blend with the lightweight, breathable feel of cotton, every texture is soft and stunning. We know that a statement piece in your closet should honor the incredible woman you are, and our women’s kimono robes were designed with that purpose in mind.