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What’s more beautiful than art that travels wherever you do? Not much! That’s why we made these gorgeous women's scarf head wraps that are as versatile as your day turns out to be. This botanical kerchief makes any outfit pop when using it as a head scarf — with a simple twist and a bow on top, your head scarf elevates your everyday look. As your day goes on, tie it on your bag for a pop of design, loop it through your jeans and use it as a belt, wear it as a hair scarf, or wrap around your neck as a kerchief or bow — the possibilities are endless. We wanted to bring you an accessory that serves your style and lives up to the beauty of every kimono robe in your closet. With its dynamic floral pattern, it’s a gorgeous accent for your everyday wear or a perfect match for your floral kimono robe. The charmeuse blend is beautiful and soft, making it a delight to wear. It’s super easy to care for, as you can gently machine wash it and hang it to dry. And it infuses any outfit with a little more luxury to make your day just a little more beautiful. Browse our silk floral scarves today!