Red Silk Robe

You are a dynamic woman. We know that for sure. So you deserve a closet that echoes that, and what better piece to shout it from the rooftops than a red silk kimono robe? We think there’s no better answer to bring out the boldness and power of a woman than a women’s kimono robe that’s both red and silk. The subtle softness and colorful power of these red silk kimono robes is the perfect combination for the modern woman. The defiant and strong nature of the color red is also seen in some Asian cultures as a symbol of good luck. So not only will your red kimono robe bring out your boldness, perhaps it will bring you a bit of good luck every single time you wear it, too. Not only is a red long kimono robe a dynamic rush of color, it’s also a feminine and luxurious statement piece. But long isn’t the only way to wear it. Try our haori inspired short red kimono robes, too. If you want to showcase your powerful, our long kimono robes with beautiful floral details can help. If you want to bring your modern femininity to the forefront, our haori inspired short red robes are your perfect match. And why do we swoon over these beautiful silk kimono robes? Because luxury looks good on everyone.

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