black black
black vintage teal
green green
black white
black pink
black black
dusk white
dusk willow
black olive
black black
black whisper blue
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blush night shadow
black gunmetal
dusty lilac peach blush
dusk mineral
blush blush
dusty pink dusk
dusty lilac sea
whisper blue, rollover black
black and white floral black and white floral, vanilla waffle
black teal
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driftwood pearl blue
adventurine adventurine, amethyst, rose quartz
rosie blush stripe navy window pane, rosie black stripe, rosie blush stripe, white navy floral, white window pane
rose quartz, rollover rose quartz
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black teal
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Printed Robe

We’re often asked: which kimono robe should I choose? The answer is simple. It’s the kimono robe that makes you feel like the goddess you are. Whether it’s a kimono cardigan, sprucing up your typical office attire and bringing a little more flavor into your wardrobe routine, or a kimono dress tied with a belt and paired with the platforms that give you a head-turning style, the whole point of those beautiful floral kimono robes is to feel good. Because our design inspiration comes from traditional Japanese kimonos, our printed silk kimono robes can be worn every single day. You may set aside your beautiful floral kimono robe for bedtime to help you unwind at the end of a work day, or dress up in your kimono cardigan and jeans for a traffic-stopping and whimsical night out on the town. Your kimono robe is as versatile as you can dream. So what is the best kimono robe for you? It’s the one that brings abundance, beauty, and luxury to you every time you wear it. And we hope that’s every single day.  Take a look at our full collection and find the kimono robe that speaks to your spirit the most.