Long Satin Robe

Taking care of yourself begins with getting dressed in the morning. The beautiful textures you put on your body shouldn’t only give you style, they should give you confidence. At KIM+ONO, we believe a long satin kimono robe does just that. Our charmeuse blend is a gorgeous, soft addition to your wardrobe so that any time you slip on your kimono cover up, you’re unveiling your inner queen. Each of our beautiful women’s kimono robes are the perfect addition to any closet, no matter whose it is. Your style can be extremely formal and a long kimono robe is the perfect enhancement of that professional, sophisticated look. Your style can be trend-setting and playful, and adding a kimono dress to your line up adds the extra whimsy you love. A long kimono drapes the wearer in luxury and grace. Beyond the lovely ways you can wear your kimono robe when out for the day, we always want you to bask in luxury and beauty at home. As your long kimono falls around your waistline and ankles, you’re draped in elegance and adding a classic touch of grace to your day, even if it’s just to lounge about your bedroom. And that sartorial deep breath is something we think everyone should experience.

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