black black
black vintage teal
green green
black white
black pink
brick teal
black black
dusk white
dusk willow
black olive
black black
black whisper blue
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blush night shadow
black gunmetal
dusty lilac peach blush
dusk mineral
brick night shadow
blush blush
dusty pink dusk
dusty lilac sea
whisper blue, rollover black
black teal
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black black
driftwood pearl blue
adventurine adventurine, amethyst, rose quartz
rose quartz, rollover rose quartz
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black & white black & white
driftwood sepia rose
green green
black sage
midnight midnight
navy navy
black coral
olive taupe
black bone
black black
navy snow


Ready for a look that’s sure to turn heads? We suggest grabbing a long kimono robe and turning it into a kimono dress. That’s right. With a few simple accessories, your beautiful floral kimono robe can transform into a stunning, head-turning kimono dress. We love taking a long kimono robe like our Handpainted Crane Kimono Robe, wrapping a belt around it, pairing it with heels and a hat, and creating the most beautiful look as it turns into a kimono dress. For those events when a simple dress just won’t do, or those days out when you want to have a little more fun with your wardrobe, a kimono dress is the perfect option. Not ready for the full kimono dress look? A sheer kimono robe is another beautiful addition to a tight or flowy dress underneath. The sheer kimono robe can serve as a lightweight layered jacket or like an extra layer to a simple dress. This is why we love kimono robes — there are so many ways to wear them. We designed these beautiful floral kimono robes to be as unique as you are, so no matter which collection you browse, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you and the beautiful woman you are.