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Aimi Kimono Robe

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Japanese Robe

At KIM+ONO we love marrying the old and the new. Ancient traditions and history, like that of the Japanese kimono, give way to modern pieces for the modern woman. Whether it’s an updated and modernized version of a Japanese kimono dress, a Japanese kimono robe, cardigan, jacket, or something else, each of our pieces is grounded in history and inspired by modern beauty. Our delicately designed women’s Japanese kimono silk robes are for the modern woman who wants the gravity of history and tradition in her wardrobe, while keeping her sense of whimsy. We have two traditions that we’ve followed in crafting our pieces. First, a traditional Japanese kimono literally translates to “the thing worn” and was a garment worn every day, which is what we hope you do with your kimono robe. Second, a yukata is also a Japanese piece of clothing that is typically a casual summer kimono made of light fabric like cotton and often unlined, which is why most of our pieces are light, unlined, and perfect for layering or wearing around the house. When you wear your kimono robe, you’re wearing the tradition of ages and the beautiful aesthetics of the modern world. With beautiful depictions of nature, each kimono robe is designed with meaningful symbolism from Asian culture that has also been found in the Japanese kimono and yukata. Using modern aesthetics of minimalism, delicate color, and soft silk, our women’s Japanese kimono silk robes bring out the best in both tradition and the modern world.