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dusty lilac sea
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midnight midnight
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midnight midnight
olive olive

Floral Silk Robe

A beautiful floral silk robe is the item every woman should have in her closet. Each of our handcrafted women’s kimono robes feature gorgeous botanicals that bring classic images to life by way of what we like to call “wearable art”. With floral scenes depicted through an incredible handpainted process, each silk kimono robe effortlessly displays the beauty of nature and the softness of silk, draping your shoulders, flowing at your waist, and adding a feminine touch to your day. Whether you’re staying home to lounge about or wearing it out on vacation or the weekend as a beach kimono, these floral kimono robes are the breath of fresh air your wardrobe has been waiting for. The beauty of these slik kimono robes’ birds, butterflies, chrysanthemums, peonies, cherry blossoms, and more paint a rich tapestry of nature, immersing you in it each time you wear your handpainted silk kimono robe. A floral kimono is a way of adding a little self care into every day. Wake up and wear your kimono robe around the house during your morning routine. Drape your silk kimono robe across your shoulders and around your waist as you wind down for the night. Your floral silk robe is an effortless way to bring a little luxury and nature right inside your home.