Staying Present this Season: Kimono Robes, Tea & More Tools for Staying Sane

The holiday season is a time of family, joy, warmth… and stress. We know you’re managing everything on your to-do list within an inch of your life. You’re running around town getting gifts for family, making it to every holiday event, staying on top of work, and in the process, attempting to stay sane and healthy. You do so much all year long, but it all seems to be amplified during this season in particular.

Part of the reason we wanted to create our kimono shop in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown is because we wanted it to be a hub for you. A place for you to relax as soon as you walk in. We want you to step inside and breathe a little deeper. But even if you can’t get into our store for a relaxing deep breath, there are still a few self-care tools that can help you create your own respite at home, even during the busy whirlwind of the holidays. Explore our tools and tips for staying present and sane during the holidays.Leaves and Flowers Tea

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Take Tea Time to the Next Level

Tea is one of nature’s most potent relaxors. The process of steeping tea can, in and of itself, produce that calm feeling that keeps eluding you. One of our absolute favorites is the loose leaf Turmeric Wellness Blend from Leaves and Flowers. Turmeric is supercharged to protect your immune system during this hectic time of year. Stop into our kimono shop for a taste and to browse all our favorite Leaves and Flowers blends.

Tamiko Kimono Robe

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Get Ready for Bed with a Red Kimono Robe

Taking time at the end of the day to really take care of yourself can bring a restful night of sleep so you wake up feeling energized and recharged. Just creating a simple routine around bedtime can help you get the kind of sleep you need. As you’re getting ready for slumber, slip into one of our red kimono robes. Our Tamiko Kimono Robe is a mid-weight fabric, which comes in both short and floor length kimono robes, giving you a soft, sweet finish to the end of the long day.

Coco Rose Body Polish

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Polish Off the Day with a Coconut Rose Scrub

Your skin can take a beating from being out and about all day. So as part of your nightly routine, we highly recommended the Coco Rose Body Polish by Herbivore Botanicals. It’s a gentle exfoliant to leave your skin feeling refreshed, soft and with a hint of coconut and petals. The best part? It’s made without any synthetic ingredients and is completely vegan.

Azumi Kimono Wrap

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Take Your Kimono Robe (and Your Sanity) With You All Day Long

You don’t have to leave all your de-stressing tools at home for the end of the day. Wearing a floor length kimono robe as a jacket or extra layer is a beautiful way to remind yourself to slow down, stay present and enjoy yourself. We love the details of the velvet trim on this kimono sleeve. It gives a beatiful weight to this floor length kimono robe and adds a touch of playfulness to an already luxurious and comfortable piece.

You don’t need to be in our kimono shop to feel at peace this holiday season, but if you do stop in, we’ll make sure it’s a place you can slow down and breathe easier. And if you’re able to stop by, all of the above tools for your sanity this season can be found around the store. Here’s wishing you a beautiful, and non-stressful, week!

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