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Women's Kimono Robe

KIM+ONO was founded by two sisters on a mission to bring a modern update to the traditional kimono robe. This focus on the women’s kimono as a piece that could be part of the modern woman’s everyday wardrobe is the inspiration and promise behind every single design. Our team knows that your style should be reflective of the powerful woman you are. And that’s why there are endless ways to wear each one of our kimono robes. Wrap your kimono robe around you into a kimono dress, tie it off with a bold belt and kick up your heels for an unapologetically feminine outfit. Or, update your office wardrobe by swapping out older, heavier weight layers for a new kimono cardigan: wear a short floral kimono robe with a monochromatic underlayer to bring some style to business. Maybe you want a flirtier look, in this case, we recommend that you tie your short kimono robe into a kimono top and pair with jean shorts for a fun day trip or brunch with your girlfriends. And when you’re lounging at home, we always suggest wearing your silk kimono robe to make every morning a little easier and every evening a little more soothing. Whatever way you choose to wear your women’s kimono robe, our hope is it brings you the feeling that you are beautiful inside and out.