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Kae Kimono Robe

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Crepe Collection

What is more gorgeous than the blend of vintage designs and modern aesthetics in a floral kimono robe? These crepe kimono robes take the best elements of the past and the present to create the perfect pieces for you, the modern woman. These subtle floral kimono robes also bring an easy versatility as you decide what to wear each day; the options are endless. The flowing drape and semi sheer crepe fabric gives this piece a feminine touch to complement your whole wardrobe or elevate a night in. A gorgeous floral kimono robe can turn into the perfect beach kimono as you drape it over your bathing suit and sit by the ocean, drinking in the sea air. The sweet, soft flowers on our semi sheer kimono robes are the feminine touch to bring elegance and ease to your style as you wear a kimono cover up over your favorite pair of high-waisted pants or stretch leggings. And when wrapping your floral kimono robe into a kimono dress with a belt cinching it at your waist, the floral designs become center stage, bringing attention to the blend of modern and vintage elements of this breathtaking design. No matter how you choose to wear your kimono robe, whether it’s a kimono dress, a beach kimono, or a kimono robe cover up, it will bring whimsy, elegance, and your own unique style to the forefront. We know that every woman deserves at least one piece in her wardrobe that makes her feel like the queen she is, and we hope our floral kimono robes will do that for you.