Our Manifesto for Whimsical, Easy Summer Travel

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and we are ready for the whimsical magic of summer! But as most of us know, traveling and whimsical magic don’t always go hand in hand. Getting out of town can often mean getting bogged down in traffic, delayed flights, heavy suitcases, and sometimes even short tempers. It can feel heavy to just walk out the door.

But at KIM+ONO, we are constantly inspired to put a little elegance and ease into every day. And that includes travel days! Embracing the spirit of effortless travel, we have a manifesto for making sure you can take a carefree adventure, where the impulse to move and explore is coupled with easy enjoyment. Whether you’re planning a staycation or world travel or something in between this summer, here is our manifesto for creating whimsical, easy summer travel. Become inspired by our easy summer travel ideas below.

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Pack Light to Travel Light

Simplicity is the key to making travel feel easy and effortless. The secret to navigating airports and seaside towns and big adventures all lies in packing light. It’s a philosophy that extends beyond mere logistics and also reminds you that staying light is a state of mind. Gliding through the airport lines in a comfortable, versatile Azumi Kimono Wrap or another floral black kimono wrap makes your suitcase light as they’re beautiful pieces that can transition from day to night. These pieces, lightweight and elegant work as the cornerstone of your travel wardrobe, ensuring you're always ready for spontaneous adventures, whether fancy or casual, with a look that is light and effortless.

Whether lounging by the shore or exploring quaint cobblestone streets, the freedom of packing light liberates you to immerse yourself fully in each destination's charm. Embrace the art of packing the special pieces that blend practicality with elegance. Your white silky robe can be a welcome way to end your day after hours of exploration as well as a beautiful poolside kimono wrap. Travel light, feel unburdened, and find yourself ready to embrace the whimsy of summer adventures.

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Bring Clothing to Inspire Your Everyday

Summer invites us to shed our everyday routines and instead step into a sense of wonder in even the simplest moments. Beyond just mere attire, clothing becomes a canvas for self-expression and a source of inspiration. Each of our kimono robes was inspired by vintage Asian art and the traditional art of kimono that our founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, got to see as little girls. This inspiration is woven into every piece.

When you wear one of these floral silk robes, their modern botanical prints echo history and heritage rich in inspiration. And what’s more, whether it's a floral black kimono wrap for an evening soirée or a white silky robe for morning reflections, each piece tells a story of the places you've been and the dreams yet to unfold.

Choosing clothing that inspires is not merely about aesthetics but a celebration of the journey itself. Invest in pieces that resonate with your soul, embodying the carefree spirit of summer and the promise of serendipitous encounters. Let each garment be a reminder to pause, breathe, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, from sun-dappled cafes to starlit skies.

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Take the Unexpected Route

In the realm of travel, spontaneity often leads to the most memorable adventures. Embrace the allure of the unexpected route—the winding path that calls you away from the well-trodden tourist trails. With your curiosity (and perhaps a floral silk robe) in tow, allow yourself to meander through hidden alleys or stumble upon hidden gems known only to locals.

Summer travel invites us to embrace the unknown with open arms, guided by intuition and a spirit of adventure. Venture beyond guidebook recommendations and tourist traps, and you may discover a charming café tucked away in a quiet courtyard or stumble upon a city viewpoint that steals your breath away. Trust in the magic of spontaneity, and you'll find yourself immersed in authentic experiences that defy expectation and redefine your journey.


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Practice Dolce Far Niente and Savor the Sweet Nothings of Life

Summer offers a gentle reminder to embrace the art of dolce far niente—the sweetness of doing nothing. Picture yourself lounging in a hammock, a floral black kimono robe draped over your shoulders, as you indulge in the luxury of simply being in a new place. Whether it's a siesta under the shade of swaying palms or a leisurely afternoon spent people-watching in a bustling square, allow yourself to surrender to the rhythm of the moment.

Summer travel is not merely about checking off destinations but about embracing a slower pace that allows for introspection and rejuvenation. Savor the sweet nothings of life—a conversation with a local artisan, the taste of freshly picked fruit, or the melody of waves lapping against the shore. These are the moments that enrich your journey and leave an indelible mark on your memories.

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Wherever You Are, Be There & Be Present

As you traverse the landscapes of summer, from sun-kissed shores to charming villages steeped in history, remember to be present in every step of your journey. Whether wrapped in a floral silk robe or simply basking in the warmth of the sun, immerse yourself fully in the sights, sounds, and sensations that each place offers. Leave behind the distractions of daily life and allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty of the moment.

Wherever you go, be there—mindful and open-hearted. Engage with locals, taste authentic cuisine, and let each new experience broaden your perspective. Whether wandering through ancient ruins or dancing under the stars, let every step be a celebration of life's extraordinary tapestry.

Wherever you find yourself this summer, we hope your days are woven with threads of whimsy and wonder. Allow the essence of beautiful summer travel to be easy and effortless by embracing a summer manifesto that chooses presence over pressure, and brings lightness and luxury into every beautiful moment. Let this season be a testament to the art of living fully, wherever your heart may lead you.

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