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dusk white
dusk willow
black olive
blush night shadow
black gunmetal
dusty lilac peach blush
dusk mineral
brick night shadow
blush blush
dusty pink dusk
dusty lilac sea
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midnight midnight
olive taupe
olive whisper blue
midnight midnight

Silk Robes for Women

When we set out to craft our women’s kimono robes, we knew luxury had to be at the center of every design. At KIM+ONO, generations of our family’s business have worked with craft artisans in China to take the inspiration from silk kimonos, gorgeous vintage Asian art, and beautiful blooms, and weave it into every design. That combination of subtle, soft, sacred images and a modern aesthetic made us want to create women’s kimono robes for the modern woman. We may be biased, but we believe a silk kimono robe you can wear in or out of the house is the ultimate luxury. Whether you tie a belt around your waist and wear yours as a kimono dress, or slip on a kimono cardigan as a light layer for date night, your kimono robe is a beautiful way to express your own femininity and beauty. A silk kimono robe isn’t just a statement piece to the rest of the world. It’s a statement to yourself that says you’re worth a little luxury. We believe every woman deserves to feel soft, elegant, and beautiful, and that’s why we created our women’s kimonos. Whether you wear your silk kimono robe out as a fashion statement, or keep it at home as a beautiful way to lounge about the house, take good care of it, knowing that it’s a piece that makes you look as beautiful as you feel.