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indigo emerald
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black forest
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black teal
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night shadow olive
teal teal
blush navy
black olive
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dusty lilac sea
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Lace Kimono Robe turquoise
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Short Kimono

We love the luxuriousness of a long kimono robe, that’s for sure. But don’t underestimate the power and punch of a short kimono robe. With a shorter length, the possibilities for layering are endless. Throw on your beautiful floral kimono robe as an exciting alternative to a traditional cardigan. Your kimono cardigan is the delightful layer you can don on top of a monochromatic outfit at the office or as a lightweight layer at your traditional Saturday brunch with friends. Need a layer that adds a fancy effect? Whether you’re heading to a date night, a wedding weekend, or another celebration, a kimono jacket is the perfect addition to your formal dress. Slip on a silk kimono jacket to add both a little bit of warmth and a whole lot of style. Headed to the beach? Well we think that’s a perfect place for your kimono style. A beach kimono robe is the perfect cover up to protect your skin from the sun or layer up on breezy beach days. No matter where you’re headed, a short kimono robe gives you options upon options. Its versatility is only matched by its beauty, elegance, and grace. And we happen to think you deserve no less.