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black green
black white, rollover
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olive teal
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dusk dusk
black celedon
black, main-FS forest
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Aimi Kimono Robe

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indigo emerald
black white
brick teal
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black pink
dusk white
dusk misty jade
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black whisper blue
black midnight
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dusk mineral
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driftwood pearl blue
dusty lilac peach blush
gunmetal white
blush night shadow
black olive
dusk dusty pink
teal teal
green green
dusty lilac sea
black black
charcoal dove
blush blush
olive sepia rose


Inspired by a mix of traditional Asian vintage art, beautiful blossoms, and a long family history in San Francisco, we’ve created an elegant collection of kimono robes just for you. Our creative process begins in-house as we design our modern aesthetic and then work in partnership with a family-run silk village in China, making these women’s kimono robes true labors of love. Whether you’re in the market for a long kimono robe to lounge in while relaxing at home, or you want a unique kimono cover up for a special vacation, these modern women’s kimono robes offer you infinite possibilities to make a fashion statement. The designs aren’t just unique and whimsical, but each of our robe collections uses different materials, offering a little something for everyone. From a traditional silk kimono robe, to our In Lieu of Silk collection which is a viscose blend with the lightweight, breathable feel of cotton, you’ll find just the right texture for you. We know that a special statement piece should reflect the beautiful woman you are, and our women’s kimono robes were designed with that purpose in mind. Whether it’s a short or long kimono robe, a kimono cover up for the beach, or a silk kimono robe for the home, we hope each and every kimono robe adds a little luxury to your every day.