Pink Robe

We know how playful, sweet, and gorgeous you are, and you deserve a floral kimono robe that is exactly the same. That’s why we love the flow and style of a pink kimono robe for the lovely lady who wants a feminine touch. The sweet nature of the color pink helps your kimono robe bring out your playfulness and grace every single time you wear it. Not only is a pink long kimono robe a gorgeous splash of color, it’s also a feminine and luxurious statement piece for your wardrobe. Long not your style? Try one of our short pink kimono robes inspired by traditional haori. One of the reasons we love the color pink on our women’s kimono robes is the fact that this color is easily dressed up or down. If you want more of a modern look, our long kimono robes with beautiful details of nature are just the answer. If you want to bring your sense of playfulness to the forefront, our haori inspired short pink robes are your perfect match. And the beautiful thing about all of these women’s kimono robes? Luxury looks good on everyone. Whether you’re new to kimono robes or you’re looking for a pink kimono robe to round out your collection, this color is easy to wear and easy to love.

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