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black white, rollover
teal teal
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dusk pink
black celedon
indigo emerald
brick teal
black black, rollover
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Aimi Kimono Robe

$78 $110
dusk white
dusk misty jade
black whisper blue
black black
black midnight
black forest
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dusk mineral
brick olive
driftwood pearl blue
black white
dusty lilac peach blush
black olive
blush night shadow
dusk dusty pink
dusty lilac sea
blush blush
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charcoal dove
olive white
driftwood, sepia rose
midnight olive
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charcoal ivory
navy navy
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Long Silk Robe

The very first thing you do in the morning and the very last thing you do at night can set the tone of your entire week. So building routines and self-care around those moments is important. That’s why we believe a long silk kimono robe is the luxurious answer to: how can I elevate my every day? The beautiful textures you put on your body shouldn’t only give you style, they should give you confidence. And our silk kimono robes do that brilliantly. When you wear our 100% silk kimono robes, it’s like wearing a cloud. Each women’s kimono robe is so soft and elegant, it heightens your senses and brings out your inner grace. Whether your style is business casual in high-waisted pants and a camisole, or so laid back that you’ve been wearing the same leggings for days, a long kimono is your wardrobe’s perfect addition. Even wearing your silk kimono as a kimono dress amplifies your playfulness and turns heads with it’s easy elegance. Beyond the lovely ways you can wear your kimono robe when out for the day, we always want you to bask in luxury and beauty at home. As your silk kimono drapes across your shoulders, you’re wrapped in luxury from top to bottom. And that’s something we wish for you morning, noon, and night.