It’s easy to fall in love with the drama of a duster. As a light layer, it’s a warm complement to any outfit while adding a bold sense of style and playfulness. What makes it even more dramatic? When it’s a long kimono robe. With floral details, velvet trim, and the softest silk, your sheer kimono takes your whole ensemble to a brand new level. As a kimono cover up, it drapes beautifully over a monochrome outfit for a dynamic “Here I am world!” look. Over a t-shirt and jeans, your kimono cover up simply dresses up the regular old uniform. It elevates your style while the flow of your silk kimono robe keeps the look relaxed. And as a kimono dress, wrapped with a belt and paired with heels, your duster is bringing up the drama of your look. Wearing your kimono robe as a duster is perfect for those lazy beach days or the festival party nights. And what’s even better? You can keep it on even when you get home for the day and lounge in style without changing your outfit. So find a long kimono robe to fall in love with and add it to your collection. Your wardrobe will thank you.

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