Wearable Art: How to Style the Jia Collection

You are the kind of woman who takes care of everyone. If you’re inviting a few friends over for dinner, it’s not just dinner, it’s an experience. If the girls go on a girls’ weekend, you are the complimentary travel agent — choosing a luxurious location, picking out the best excursions, and surprising your besties with meaningful gifts and moments. When you make plans, give a gift, or frankly, do anything at all, you are making art. 

That’s because you love all things beautiful. And when you add a little beauty to your everyday moments, you feel more fulfilled and more connected to your life. Bringing beauty wherever you go helps you feel a little more grounded in the chaos of everything that needs your attention day to day. And that’s exactly why we’ve made our collection of silky floral robes — because we know that a little luxury goes a long way. Each of our floral silk robes are handcrafted and designed with you (and your penchant for all things beautiful) in mind. That means every detail in each kimono robe is intentional and rich in meaning. And that is exactly why we created the Jia Kimono Robe.

Jia, in Chinese, means home. And when we talk about home, we’re not just talking about the four walls in which you live. We’re talking about the sense of peace, calm, security, and love that surrounds you when you’re feeling the most like yourself. We’re talking about the way little moments become life-affirming moments just because of the people with whom you’re spending your time. Home means everything to us, and the Jia design is a way to honor that. It’s a work of wearable art to help you, the ever-beautifying idealist, to bring those ideals to life — to make things beautiful, to feel at home in your own skin, and to make art out of every moment. So in today’s journal, let’s explore how to style the Jia kimono robe collection and experience Jia, a wearable work of art.

 Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by Ashley Streff
A Classic Black Kimono Robe for Afternoon Tea

Our classic black kimono robe in the Jia Collection mixes the best of everything we offer — original hand-drawn designs with the functional elegance of washable silk material. Design a beautiful afternoon with your girlfriends, mothers, or daughters and slip into a black kimono robe that makes it that much more special. We love pairing this striking washable silk kimono robe over a monochromatic jumpsuit for a fancier afternoon tea. Or simply slip it on over your favorite pair of perfectly cut jeans for a tea that’s a bit more casual.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe

 Photo by @mirandatillinghast

This Silky Floral Robe for Sweet Summer Nights

We love date night. And there’s nothing as romantic as a gorgeous cream blush silky floral robe to set a sweet tone. Style this beauty with a wide-brimmed hat, slip on heels, a crop top, and high-waisted pants for a head to toe head-turning look. Let yourself get swept away with the luxurious feel of this 100% silk botanical beauty. Every way you style this women’s silk robe is an opt-in for romance. 

Jia Kimono Wrap Photo by @joanandandre  
A Black Kimono Wrap for a Luxurious Vacation

No matter where you’re off to this summer, you can pack beauty in your carry-on with this beautiful black kimono wrap from our Jia Collection. With the elegant velvet trim at the sleeves and collar, you have a built in statement piece for every moment of your trip — lounging in the hotel room, lounging by the pool, lounging around the hotel after dinner. Wherever you go, this black kimono wrap brings the beautiful artwork of Jia and the meaning of home with you. We love to style this as a kimono dress itself with a belt and high heels. Or you can wear this work of art as a lightweight jacket as those late summer nights start to get just the tiniest bit cooler.

 Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by @mirandatillinghast
Bring Beauty to Your Evening Routine

There’s no reason why routines should be boring. And that’s why we brought the 100% silk material of our floral silk robes in the Jia Collection to a sleep mask. Style this perfect evening routine companion in your hair to push your bangs and stray hairs out of your face during your skincare routine. Let the material of our floral silk robes help to cool down your skin and help to slow down your heart rate as you begin to wind down. And drift deeper into a comforting sleep with the sleeping eye mask over your eyes for stillness and calm. There’s no wrong way to wear this. You can even keep it close by your WFH spot for a moment of brief meditation when your stress starts to creep in mid-day. However you use it, this eye mask made from our floral silk robe material is the perfect addition to your calming daily routines.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by Ashley Streff
Turn Heads with a Headwrap, Hair Tie, or Neck Scarf

The beauty of the Jia Kerchief Scarf isn’t just in the design, it’s in the versatility! You can wear this artful statement piece in so many different ways. Wrap it around your head as a head scarf for a classic style. Tie it around your neck and pair it with a crisp white t-shirt for an elevated yet casual look. Slip it through the handles of your favorite tote for an extra flair to your accessories. And of course, give yourself a playful and flirty style by tying it around your ponytail. It’s an easy little luxury that uplevels your look and brings a bit more luxuriousness to your everyday moments.

There are so many ways to bring a little extra beauty and art to your everyday. While we hope each of our women’s silk robes makes you feel at home in your own skin, the Jia Collection is truly a meaningful connection to home for us. We hope that even if you can’t stop into our store in San Francisco, you can take a little piece of our home, bring it into yours, and make every moment that much more beautiful.

Creative Process Kimono Wrap Washable Silk Women's Kimono

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