The Art and Magic of Gifting Self Care

In a world that is constantly asking for more and more of us — more attention, more time, more productivity, more success — sometimes the most caring thing we can do is to remind each other that we are more than enough just as we are. When we believe this for ourselves, the people around us start believing it for themselves, too. It can be a community effort sometimes to feel good about ourselves and reinforce self confidence and self-assurance. That’s why it’s so magical to gift our loved ones self care when we can. It gives the others in our communities a reminder to cherish their time, attention, and sense of self. It’s a reminder that there can be magic and luxury in every corner of their day.

Gifting self care can seem like a challenge. It might be hard to know what exactly will help to inspire rest and recharge for the person you’re gifting to. But with a strategy or two, you can create a gifting experience that’s a home run. We know a little bit about the art and magic of meaningful self-care gifts, because our floral kimono robes and wraps are self care you can wear. Every inch of their design, gift wrapping, and presentation is considered in order to create a beautifully packaged floral kimono robe that dazzles your gift recipient. So keep on reading and let us help you put together a gorgeous and meaningful gift to inspire self care for your loved ones. Here are five ways to inspire a beautiful feeling of rest, rejuvenation, sanctuary, and peace as you gift self care to the ones you love the most.

Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
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Set an Intention for Your Gift

The very first thing you can do to make your gift of self care bring a smile to your loved ones’ face is to set an intention for your gift. What do you want them to feel when they open it? Do you want them to be reminded of their own beauty? Do you want them to feel showered in luxury? Do you want them to see how they can bring a little more relaxation to their everyday? Whatever your intention is, your gift recipient will certainly feel it. Perhaps you gift a green kimono robe to a friend who loves to host, but she always ends up working instead of enjoying herself. Perhaps the green kimono robe is intended for her to wear as a lightweight layer and subtle reminder of softness and luxury in those moments when she’s working so hard for everyone else. You may or may not tell your gift recipient your intention, but if you have one, they will surely feel it.

Plus Size Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
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Choose a Gift with Symbolism

As human beings, we’re constantly imbuing objects, events, and even relationships with meaning. So when you’re picking out a gift of self care, choose something with symbolism already within it and share the meaning behind the gift with your recipient. For instance, the peony in many of our floral kimono robe designs represents some of the most beautiful things in life! Whether it’s from the elegance and beauty of nature, or the prosperity that comes from higher alignment. The peony is featured across our ‘one size’ and plus size silk robes because of its meaningful symbolism, making it a perfect gift of self care for so many. Whether you’re shopping for plus size silk robes or charmeuse kimono robes, the peony is a beautiful symbol meant to uplift the wearer

Furoshiki Gift Wrap
Meaningful Ways to Bring Heritage to How You Wrap

Furoshiki wrapping is a traditional Japanese technique for wrapping goods. It first originated in Japan in 710 B.C. and was first referred to as tsutsumi, which means present or gift. The tsutsumi would be used to wrap treasures found in Japanese temples, and during the next period, it shifted into wrapping clothing instead.While furoshiki has evolved over time, now it has the same kind of meaning as it did in its history. Whether you’re using it to wrap up a plus size kimono robe or a floral kimono wrap, you’re doing it with the intention to elevate the thoughtfulness and care behind your gift and presentation. By wrapping an object with furoshiki, the object is imbued with care and the gift receiver with respect. It’s a beautiful sensitivity to the ritual aspect of giving and receiving gifts and how meaningful that is for human beings. The act of delicately wrapping something special gives a deeper meaning to the gift you’re giving. It shows a sense of reverence for how gifts can be given and received, and it’s a meaning that is steeped in rich Japanese tradition.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
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Perfect the Timing of the Gift

Some occasions are perfect for gifting — if you know a bride, then gifting her a white silk robe for her bridal shower is a classic moment for a brand new floral kimono robe. However, looking beyond these moments can also enrich your gift with extra meaning. Perhaps you gift the white silk robe after a surgery for your loved one to recover in. Or maybe you choose a plus size silk robe for a new mom who is just returning to work after maternity leave, to remind her to take it slow and to take care of herself. You might pick out a green kimono robe for your mother as a “just because” gift since the color green reminds her of her own mother. There are many moments, big and small, that make your gift even more meaningful because of the way you are thinking of your gift recipient.

Taking the time, space, and thoughtfulness to create a meaningful gift for someone is much more than just the gift itself. Yes, the gift itself is meant to inspire rest, relaxation, and a sense of peace. But even more than that, when you set intentions, gift something with symbolism, and share it with someone you love at a moment that makes them feel seen and special, you are giving the gift of connection. And that’s one gift that never goes out of style.


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