How to Transition to Light Colors for the Spring

It may still technically be winter, but everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, you can feel spring just peeking around the corner. A warmer day here or there reminds us that the seasonal change we all know and love is on its way, and with it is the time for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning up and doing a deep clean of your home from your long winter hibernation. It’s also about updating your look, refreshing your spirits, and bringing out the fancy, whimsical, and beautiful pieces that give you a little spring in your step.

When transitioning from winter to spring, you may want to jump all the way into your bright and light florals (And hey! We don’t blame you.) But making that transition into the warmer and flirtier spring months when you still have a few cold days you can definitely count on, can be a little bit tricky. That’s why today in the journal, we’re showcasing spring style inspiration featuring the light colors for spring to refresh your wardrobe with a pop of color without leaving you out in the cold for winter’s last gasp. Here’s our round up of the light spring colors to make your wardrobe shine:

Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Mineral Blue Kimono Robe for Spring

Blue is perhaps the most popular color of all time. It can be both sophisticated and sweet. It can be both masculine and feminine. And, lucky for us, it can be the perfect transition color to take you out of dark winter tones and onto the brighter tones of spring and summer. We love this mineral blue kimono robe for a lightweight layer over your favorite winter wear. Even if you’re still wearing a sweater, this beautiful silk kimono robe acts as a classic touch and can be paired well with different textures. The silky smooth quality of the material makes it a perfect way to dress up the threads you’ve been wearing all winter long with a new and refreshed feel.

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Happy Burst of Hot Pink

Pink is a seemingly ubiquitous spring color, but this season, the shade you’ll see the most is of the hot variety. Hot pink is a bold pop of color to brighten up your winter looks. With the pop of peonies on this pink kimono robe, you can sway your way all over town with a fresh bright color that bridges the seasons. It’s not quite the neon of summer, but it’s not the muted color of fall. This pink kimono robe has multiple shades that complement each other and give depth to the entire design. Whether you’re lounging around the house, waiting for that perfect sunny day, or headed out on the town to celebrate spring’s impending arrival, this pink kimono robe is just the touch for the elusive winter to warm wardrobe.

Silk Botan Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Pastel Pinks with a Twist

Another win for your spring wardrobe is the fact that pink will be all over the fashion map this year. From hot pinks to pastels, there’s a shade everyone can love. We love this pink kimono robe because it adds an extra level of drama with its ombre finish. Starting out with a subtle pastel pink and fading into deeper tones at the edge of the seam on the bottom of this pink kimono robe, this piece truly creates a sartorial stand out moment. With the heavier colors anchoring the bottom and the paler pink lifting up top, it creates a long and tall energy, giving a beautiful contour to every shape. If you’re looking for a pink kimono robe that you can wear over dark colors and light colors and every shade in between, this is your pick. So when swapping wardrobes from season to season, leave this versatile kimono robe at the front of your closet.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Seeing Green this Spring

Green is often associated with the spring season. From blossoms budding on trees to the rich green of grass and leaves coming back into full view, green breathes new life into its surroundings. And the same can be said of this dynamic color this spring. As we head out of darkness and into the light, the more subtle and alternative shades of green will be highlighted. From pistachios to forests, green livens up any style, including your kimono style! We love this green kimono robe for its versatility and its midweight feel. Because this is one of our only kimono styles that is lined, it feels just a bit heavier, and with the velvet trim on the sleeves, that weight is amplified. It hangs beautifully, making this green kimono robe a piece that’s easy to transition through the seasons. Whether you’re wearing black leggings and a black sweater underneath it during March or your jean shorts and crop top during April and May, this green kimono robe is a killer look for a lively spring.

Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Soft Olive Tones for the Season

Another kimono style we’re loving is the luxury of silk coupled with the rich olive tones of this green kimono robe. The sheen of silk is incomparable — its glow and shine, its luxurious feel and gentle drape — all of this makes the olive color of this green kimono robe pop even more. It’s a subtle transition in color from dark to light without merely resting in taupe. It can go with jeans as perfectly as it can go with a romper or a sophisticated dress. It’s a lightweight layer that turns heads, but it’s also a piece of luxury you can wear around your house just for you. As dynamic as the season, this green kimono robe is a lovely addition to your spring looks.

As we move from winter to spring, remember it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Keep around your favorite winter pieces but give them an updated look with the lighter colors and kimono styles that will flood spring fashion soon enough. Find the lightweight layers you love, and have some fun bringing your looks to life. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can celebrate you in all your beauty!

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