One Kimono Wrap, So Many Ways to Wear It

When co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, design their modern kimono wraps and robes, they design with you in mind, lovely. They know you want beauty but you need versatility. And they want you to be able to wear a piece of artwork that makes you feel like the queen you are, confident in your own skin, and unabashed to make a statement that makes you feel good. That’s the mission behind each and every floral kimono cardigan. Our team wants you to wear these pieces in the exact way that makes you feel the best from the inside out. Learn how to style a kimono wrap below.

So when our pieces are designed to be this versatile, we often get this collection of questions — “How should I style my kimono robe? Is it for inside or outside? Where can I wear this?” And we love when you ask us these questions, lovely, because the truth is, when it comes to modern kimono style ideas, you are the inspiration and the guide. Renee and Tiffany designed this modern kimono fashion to flow and evolve with your days, months, and years. As you change, so will the way you wear your favorite kimono style. So today in the journal, we’re going to outline just five (of the unlimited) ways you can style your favorite kimono wrap or robe. We’ll take our fan favorite kimono wraps as the case study for versatile sartorial style, but you can swap the kimono wrap for any kimono robe in our collection. The point is this — however you dream to wear your kimono fashion is correct! Rather than ask how to wear a kimono robe or jacket "correctly", let the following be an inspiration to you, just like you're an inspiration to us, and sway these five different ways.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Mix and Match with Casual Textures

While our Azumi Kimono Wrap is an elegant and sophisticated feel, there’s something so whimsical and exciting about pairing it with more casual textures. Lean into your daytime style by wearing it as a floral kimono cardigan over frayed cut offs and a simple cotton tee. The charmeuse material utilizes a charmeuse weave of polyester fiber, so it feels silky smooth and the velvet cuffs add an extra weight and flow to the whole piece. Use the weight of the velvet trim to play against a lighter base layer and pull out the colors of the Azumi Kimono Wrap color (there are three now!) to create a cohesive feel. Don’t be bashful when mixing textures and remember that if you pull out some of the same colors within the entire outfit, your kimono fashion will effortlessly fit in with your more casual base layer. It’s a great look for going out to run some errands, heading to brunch, or even just elevating your typical work from home look.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by @sidneycara
Pair a Floral Kimono Cardigan with a Little Black Dress

Well you can’t go wrong with a little black dress, lovely. It’s sophisticated, elegant, and so classic. But if you want to uplevel the elegance just a bit, throw this kimono style around your shoulders as a lightweight jacket. Adding this layer of kimono fashion is the perfect way to get a little bit longer wear out of your summer dresses. Use the black velvet trim as a way to accentuate your little black dress and keep in a little warmth as you’re moving into cooler fall evenings. Our kimono wraps are the only pieces that are double lined so they have a little extra weight and warmth. This is a stunning look for a fall wedding, date night, or if you’re headed back out into the world of theatre and special events. Mark the occasion by wrapping up in a little extra luxury and turning a few heads while you’re at it.

Maren Kimono Wrap
Photo by Teresa Barajas
Go for a 90s Nostalgia Look

Feeling a little playful? This floral kimono cardigan is the perfect touch of fun that pairs surprisingly well with the oh so trendy 90s nostalgia making its way through our collective fashion consciousness. Were you a grunge kid of the 90s? Or do you wish you were?! Now is your chance to try it again. The details of the velvet and the elegance of the charmeuse make this kimono style a fun and flirty way to elevate wide leg jeans and create a super dynamic look with platform heels or boots. The key with this look? Balance is everything. Your kimono wrap is a statement piece so you only need some hints of grunge to go a long way.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by @bellers123
Lounge Like the Queen You Are at Home

Lest we forget, sometimes the best look is the one that’s only for you! Our mission has always been to make you feel confident in your own skin, needing no affirmation from the outside world except what’s in you. That’s why we swoon whenever we see your selfies in your gorgeous kimono wraps. The confidence and self-love that shines through always warms our hearts. So don’t forget, lovely: bringing a little extra luxury to your everyday is perhaps the most beautiful look! Wear your kimono fashion with lingerie if you like, or find a silk set of pajamas that you’d like to lounge around in. Light a candle, make a cup of tea, and know that you are a queen, inside and out.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Play with Bold Statement Accessories

Most people use a special occasion to get all dressed up, but we think every day is that occasion! And one way to celebrate is by pairing your kimono wrap with some fun, bold accessories. Don’t keep your best necklaces, hats, and earrings on the shelf for date night. Give your look some extra love by playing with both daytime and nighttime fashion elements. Wear your kimono wrap with an oversized hoop, or a hat that also has a touch of velvet interest. Let your base layer by jeans and a silky camisole t-shirt so that your floral kimono cardigan and corresponding accessories steal the show. Stay comfortable, but elevate your daytime look with the kimono wrap and signature accessories that make you feel just a little extra special.

These are just five ways to work your kimono fashion into your wardrobe with only one kimono style. Let your imagination be endless, and try everything once. And once you do, tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway! We love to see your kimono style ideas, lovely, and are inspired by you every day!

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