Highlights of 2018: Gratitude and Kimono Robes

Dear Friends,

We are so thrilled to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! 2018 was a whirlwind of a year for all of us. There were many ups and downs, but mainly ups. And a huge part of this past year’s overall success and happiness comes from you, our tribe.


Photo by Delbarr Moradi

From our rebrand of our new name KIM+ONO to rolling out two new collections of kimono robes, this year has been non-stop. We’ve always loved kimono fashion and now we know we’re not the only ones. Your playfulness and style has kept us encouraged and inspired all year to find new ways to bring you the kimono robes you love in ever-expanding fabrics and materials. From our Washable Silk collection to our brand new In Lieu of Silk collection, we’re always striving to seamlessly bring kimono fashion into your life. We believe every woman should feel powerful and confident, and we hope our modern kimono robes remind you of the power and confidence already in you.

Blush Rose Kimono Robe

Photo by Delbarr Moradi

When we first set out to grow our kimono robe business, the idea was simple. We wanted to bring the inspiration we found in traditional kimonos through to a new, everyday modern kimono robe that women like us could feel confident wearing. We wanted to bring a little luxury into your every day with beautiful, soft, gorgeous kimono fashion.

Wedding Day Kimono Robes

Photo by Christiana Revalo

Seeing our tribe and fellow kimono fashion lovers grow online has been such a delight. Our Instagram feed is filling up with the way you #swaythisway and style your kimono robes. We love to see the myriad ways you use your modern kimono style to amplify your fashion sense and take a leap into a more adventurous wardrobe. We also love those moments you slow down, pause and breathe a little deeper while lounging in your kimono robe. We’ve loved being a part of your year, and seeing how you’ve stepped out and slowed down with intention, beauty and a little luxury.


Photo by Delbarr Moradi

We never intended to create a space for a kimono store in Chinatown, but as fate would have it, the opportunity came to us this year and we decided to jump. Opening up our brick and mortar kimono store in this neighborhood has been a dream come true — and one we could never have imagined for ourselves. Beyond just offering kimono robes, we have sourced some incredible handcrafted goods from other brands, brought in book launches and self care workshops, and most importantly, connected with this community that means so much to us.

It has been an incredible year for sure, but without you — your encouragement, excitement, and willingness to dive head first into kimono fashion — none of this would be possible. So as the year comes to a close and we look back at all that has changed, all we can say is a heartfelt thank you. Our hearts are full of gratitude for how you’ve taken this journey with us to build a space, online and in the store, that truly gives women a place to feel beautiful, powerful and connected.

Stay with us in 2019, because we’re just getting started!

With love and gratitude,

Renee and Tiffany Tam

Founders of KIM+ONO

Renee and Tiffany Tam

Photo by Delbarr Moradi

Business Creative Process Handcrafted Heritage Kimono Style

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