5 Ways to Find Balance in Simple, Daily Moments

Sometimes life moves so quickly that time feels surreal. We’ve all had days when the hours fly by and our minds feel caught in a fast current of to-do lists, deadlines, and emails. Every device that we own competes for our precious attention. How do we keep our home, work, family, friends, and self in a state of balance? At KIM+ONO, we understand how it feels to want more hours in a day. 

This is part of what drives us to design kimono robes for you that bring a sense of tranquility and groundedness. We understand that sometimes life speeds up so much that all you can do is try to keep up. However, if something as simple as a beautifully designed silk floral robe can help you take a deep breath and find some centeredness during your day, then we’d feel one step closer to our mission.

For sisters and co-founders Renee & Tiffany Tam, their AAPI heritage has always been an integral part of their daily lives. So when life gets hectic, it’s their family traditions (both old and new) that bring them back down to earth. Here are just a few simple ways that the Tam sisters find balance in daily moments. Use these tips to balance your life today!


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Meditate and Find a Deep Breath


When’s the last time you inhaled deeply and slowed your mind down? Remember to check in with yourself and release any tension in your jaw, neck, and shoulders. We often hold our breath without even realizing it, especially when we’re feeling worried or anxious. Physical tension can often parallel mental or emotional strain that’s happening inside us. A conscious effort to pause and take note of what we’re experiencing can be the first step towards slowing down our sense of time. Our luxury silk robes are designed to help remind you to take a deep breath from the moment you slip into them. It’s our hope that getting dressed in your flower kimono robe feels like a little daily ritual that helps you feel better, more confident, and more grounded. You might have other rituals or reminders that help inspire deeper breathing, such as looking out your window and taking in the view, making a cup of tea, stretching, or repeating a favorite mantra. Entering a meditative state of mind can help you find balance whenever you need it during your day. 


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Listen to Music and Free the Mind


Something as simple as turning on music can feel like applying a soothing balm to whatever worries we’re carrying with us that day. Music has a way of engaging our instincts and taking us along for a ride through its melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. There is something undeniably therapeutic about giving yourself over to music and getting lost in your favorite songs. Renee and Tiffany know that listening to music helps them slow down their minds and find a sense of just “being.” Whether you’re listening to longtime favorites or exploring new sounds, music is a powerful tool for finding a bit of balance and freeing the mind. The impact of music on our mental state is known to be positive and immediate. It activates various pathways in our brain in unique ways that lift our mood and reduce stress. The next time you’re looking for a quick way to feel more grounded, try listening to music for a few minutes. 


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Connect with Each Other


Another way to find balance during your day is to connect with someone in your life who supports you and makes you feel more centered. Whether this is your partner, neighbor, family member, or best friend, taking a moment to get in touch with someone important to you can be a wonderful way to slow down your day. Reaching out and finding even a quick moment of connection with someone else can serve as a great reminder of the bigger picture. Humans are wired for community, and taking the time to remind ourselves that we’re not alone can make us feel more balanced amidst our hectic schedules. It could be as simple as sending a text or making a quick phone call to check in and share how your day is going with someone. Although we may feel like we’re constantly connected with others through technology, the difference here lies in taking an intentional pause.


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Make a Meal with Family


Sisters Renee and Tiffany know that family is always at the core of everything they do. Ever since they took over their family business and transformed it into the KIM+ONO brand that it is today, heritage and family have been the common threads through it all. Remembering to put a pause on our busy schedules and do something as simple as making a meal with family can be a great way to step away from the daily grind. Making our favorite meal is like a ritual in itself. But it’s the next part, sharing the meal, that serves as a way to connect and bond with those around us. The key for finding balance at mealtime is to go about it with a sense of intention. 

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Take a Walk Around Chinatown


Finally, the last tip from the Tam sisters for finding balance during your busy day is to take a walk. Movement and exercise, even if it’s a small amount, can help clear the mind and increase our sense of wellbeing. Renee and Tiffany are based in San Francisco, where they design all of our kimono clothing in-house and create original patterns from scratch. San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood has an incredible blend of culture, tradition and beautiful shops. From the moment you enter at Dragon’s Gate and start your walk up Grant Avenue, there is so much to see and take in. Stepping out and taking a simple walk is not only beneficial to your health, but it’s also an engaging way to center your mind and feel more grounded in your body. 


We hope that Tiffany and Renee’s tips have inspired you to discover small moments that bring you back home to yourself. 

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