Mother's Day Gift Guide: How to Treat Your Mom Like a Queen

At KIM+ONO, we consider mothers to be sacred. They are the foundation of our families, the women who inspire us daily, and the people who have taught us how to be a part of society with love and compassion. So many mothers go the extra mile day after day that we tend to forget just how much these women hold together all at once. From family to work to friendships, a mother’s spirit can make your whole day seem brighter. It can give you confidence to move ahead, tenderness when you are down, and encouragement to conquer any dream you hold in your heart.

And this doesn’t just include your biological mother, but the women who have mothered you in any sort of way: your friends, your sisters, your mentors, your neighbors. Anyone who has cared for you or nurtured you has done so with a mother’s spirit. So this Mother’s Day, we’re rounding up a gift guide to honor these women, whoever they are in your life. It’s a gift guide that includes some physical gifts and some intangible gifts to bring a little bit more joy and comfort to her day and to let her know that you see and appreciate her in every way. Mother’s Day is coming up in just a couple short weeks, and although it won’t look like a typical Mother’s Day, you can still show your mother how special she is even if you can’t be there with her. So go ahead and take a look at our list of the best gifts for mom on Mother's Day below and send your mom a hug, even from a distance.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
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Help Her Find a Nighttime Routine for Better Sleep

If there’s one thing every mother needs, it’s more sleep. But that can be difficult to get when there’s so much going on every day. Even if she has the time, a mother can find it difficult to turn her mind off at the end of the day. So help a mama out! Gift her a few things that can help her find a nighttime routine that becomes soothing and calming to help her wind down at the end of a long day and give her extra energy the next morning. Our suggestion is to gift her items to create a routine at the end of the day. Give her a maxi kimono robe to slip into for when it’s time to slow it down at the end of the day, along with the skincare she loves, a beautiful candle, and a new book.. Give her the items that could help create a habit around her nightly routine to make it easier for her brain to fall into a rhythm, and that rhythm may help her fall more easily into slumber.

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Give Her Some Time and Space to Relax
Sometimes the best gift is just time. Extra time to sleep or daydream or zone out or do something your mother loves can be the mental and physical boost she needs to feel her best. This Mother’s Day, if you’re looking for an intangible gift for the mama you adore, help carve out part of her day to relax. She may not be able to get a massage or go to brunch or get her nails done, but you can create a relaxing mood at home. Give her her favorite kimono fashion, a cup of tea, and an afternoon off. Sometimes the simplest things are the best!
Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
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Gift A Kimono Robe to the Woman Who Always Has Your Back
One of our favorite qualities of kimono fashion is its versatility. Our modern maxi kimono robes are inspired by traditional Japanese kimono. A kimono — literally translated as “the thing worn” — is a work of art, a vibrant canvas draped over the wearer that, as history states, is as integral to her persona as her own physical attributes. Inspired by that tradition, our modern kimono fashion is designed with elegance and function in mind to create classic kimono robes that make for a sophisticated staple to any wardrobe. Whether the mother in your life wants to wear her maxi kimono out (when social distancing measures are over), elevate her work from home look, or simply add a kimono robe to her morning and nighttime routines, it will sway with her throughout her day and become whatever she needs it to be.
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Gift Her Little Things that Make a Big Difference

It’s often very hard for a mother to say “Yes, I want THIS!” because she’s used to caring for others and doesn’t often check in with herself. But when you put an intention behind a gifted item, she will feel that intention. So think of the small ways in which little gifts might elevate her every day. From bath salts and rose spray to beautiful smelling candles to facial rollers and wellness tools, our kimono store is stocked with those sweet, delightful items to lift mama’s day. While our brick and mortar kimono store is closed due to the shelter in place order, we are still able to take orders! Check out our IG highlights for all kinds of beautiful gifts for mom and email to inquire about items and get them shipped in time for Mother’s Day! While you’re at it, take 20% off your order (does not include kimono robes) with the code: LOVEANDGRATITUDE.

Maren Kerchief Scarf
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A Sweet, Versatile Scarf to Remind Her of Your Love

You’ve heard of tying a string around your finger to remember something, right? Well here’s our version of that old tactic to remind your mother of your love: our Maren Kerchief Scarf. It’s a sweet little reminder of how much you love her that she can wear around her neck, as a headscarf in her hair, or even tied around her bag. This beautiful material is the same charmeuse blend and design as our maxi kimono robe with a subtle and elegant floral touch she’ll love.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
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Take Some Daily Tasks Off Her Hands

As any mother can attest, the daily tasks can quickly pile up. This Mother’s Day, consider (if you safely can) taking some of the to-do items off mom’s list. If she usually handles grocery, go ahead and make the list and order for her this week. If she is usually re-stocking the home with household items, take a look around to see what you need and grab them on your next shopping trip. If she normally makes the meals, take a turn in the kitchen! No small act of kindness is too small. And during this challenging time when mothers are doing so much, surprise and delight her by helping to cut down on her to-do list.

Ready to shop? Make sure you order in time for your order to arrive to your favorite mother. You can check out our shipping and processing times here, check out our IG feed for the variety of ways women are wearing their kimono fashion, and feel free to email us at with any gifting questions. Sending lots of love to you and yours on this Mother’s Day!

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  • Hi Susana,

    So happy to hear that! And so glad that your loved ones gave you a little bit of luxury that you might not have otherwise chosen for yourself. Sometimes those are the sweetest gifts. :) Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate them!

    Courtney on
  • I received an exquisite maxi kimono wrapped in a beautiful scarf for Mothers Day! It was the best gift ever! I would never have treated myself to such a luxury and it made me feel so special. Thank you so much. Your shop, the story behind it and your sentiments are just lovely.

    Susana on

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