About Us

KIM+ONO is a handcrafted kimono company specializing in silk and charmeuse botanical print kimonos. Each kimono features an original pattern, first sketched by hand, then saturated in rich watercolors using a traditional paintbrush.

We design with elegance and function in mind to create classic kimonos that make for a sophisticated staple to any woman’s wardrobe. Our lightweight kimonos drape you in breathable comfort, so you feel as good as you look, no matter the occasion.

Our kimonos draw inspiration from the various styles of traditional Chinese brushwork, capturing the aesthetics (artistic principles) of depth, contrast, space, and balance. Many of our robes feature romantic, tranquil scenes of birds and or flowers that bear significance. For example, the lotus flower symbolizes good luck and fortune, a sentiment we wish to share with our customers.

Our Mission

At KIM+ONO, our mission has always been to bring more beauty to your life every day. We wanted to create a product and an ethos that supports the modern (wo)man, breathes life into the things that are important to them, all while empowering the modern (wo)man to feel as incredible, versatile, and beautiful as they truly are. 

No matter who you are and no matter how you wear our charmeuse and silk kimono robes, our biggest dream is that you feel like the best, most confident version of you. Because at the end of the day, you, are the most beautiful part of wearing these pieces.

Each and every time you slip into one of our pieces, we want you to feel...

The Founders

Since the beginning, our kimonos have been stitched together using a common thread: family. For 30 years, the business has remained family owned and operated. Launching first as a small boutique in Chinatown under the name Old Shanghai, to its recent transformation into KIM+ONO, the business has evolved and grown into the apparel brand it is today.

Renee and Tiffany, the sister duo now behind the brand, were first allured by kimonos as little girls. Together with their parents, they spent weeks visiting silk villages, meeting with vendors, artisans, and other craftsmen who have been preserving the art of kimonos for generations.

As the sisters grew older, they became more involved in the family business, eventually taking it over in 2004. Since then, Renee and Tiffany continue to infuse a modern aesthetic, paired with timeless techniques, to craft beautiful, everyday kimonos.