Your Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide to Kimono Style

The wedding bells have been ringing all summer and the season is fully underway! We love how our bridal kimono robes allow us to be a small part of your big day. (Just last week, we did the ultimate guide to the wedding kimono robe for brides!) But after a slew of nuptial delays in the past few of years, perhaps you’re finding yourself as a wedding guest a few times over this wedding season! It can be a lot to prepare for a wedding day, even just as a guest, and one of the most important questions you have to ask is — what should I wear?

With a variety of weddings, in a variety of locations, and a variety of styles, you may feel like your wedding guest wardrobe is all over the place. While we love variety, we also love simplifying life as much as possible. So that’s why, today in the journal, we’re sharing the ultimate wedding guest guide to kimono style outfits. Whether you’re headed to a beach wedding or a fancy and traditional wedding in a castle, there are multiple looks you can get out of just one kimono robe. Read on to see how you can transform your look from day to night and from wedding to wedding with just one fabulous floral kimono robe.

 Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Simple Women’s Duster Robe as a Jacket

Depending on where you’re headed this wedding season, you may need a little more warmth than a standard wedding guest dress can afford you. One way we love to see these beautiful kimono robes worn by wedding guests is as a women’s duster robe over a dress or pantsuit. The look is elegant and fresh, all at once. The velvet trim of this particular women’s duster robe makes a statement while offering the double lined layer of charmeuse to keep you warm in cooler climates or venues with the air conditioning turned all the way up! In fact, we love this long kimono duster as an alternative to the pashmina or denim jacket that often serves as an extra layer of warmth during more formal events. Drape the beautiful botanicals around your shoulders to turn heads and avoid a cold shoulder. 

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by @laurenslounge__
A Green Kimono Wrap as the Dress Itself

We love our wraps as layers, but we absolutely adore a wedding guest look that transforms this green kimono wrap into a dress. Pairing this green kimono wrap with a belt and boots — or perhaps slinky heels if the occasion calls for it — brings a whole new dimension to the typical wedding guest dress. With a tight belt cinching at your waist, the green kimono wrap flows and drapes around your hips for a comfortable and stylish wedding guest look that is unlike any other. With the velvet trim on the collar and sleeves, you’ve got an elegant look that’s still ready to get out on that dance floor. Wrap up in a little luxury and dance the night away in this gorgeous green kimono wrap as a dress.

 Curve Washable Silk Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by @gtunny
Taking Your Silk Floral Kimono Robe from Day to Night to Brunch

One thing you know for sure about a wedding weekend is that there are many events, not just the wedding itself! And if you’re traveling, you may want to keep it on the streamlined side. That’s why we love a beautiful silk floral robe as a way to bridge the gap between wedding events for the traveling wedding guest. This is a beautiful way to head into the day-after brunch in style, without pushing the weight limit of your suitcase. Whether you slip into a jumper, jeans and a tee, or a casual dress, slipping a floral silk kimono robe on top of your look adds a little something extra to your brunch look and helps bring you from day to night to day again.
Photo by @taneshacbrown 

A Women’s Duster Robe for a Dressed Up Lightweight Layer

Another wonderful way to use kimono style for a wedding guest look is by pairing your women’s duster robe with a neutral dress. You might find something in your closet that doesn’t quite work on its own for a wedding, but throwing a green kimono robe over it brings it to that next level of wedding day elegance! Take a glance at what you already own and see how a women’s duster robe may elevate it and refresh your look with minimal effort. We love any length, but find for summer weddings, a short base layer dress paired with a short or long silk floral robe is a perfect hit.

 Curve Silk Keina Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Finding Elegant Colors that Aren’t White

As a general rule, wedding guests tend to avoid wearing white at weddings. But in these summer months, white colors and bright colors seem to be the norm when shopping for dresses. You can stay away from summer whites and still elevate your look by finding elegant colors in silk. The silk fabric makes each color more vibrant and lustrous, as seen in the green kimono robe above. These earth tones and jewel tones are perfect complements to dresses, jumpers, or casual brunch looks during a wedding weekend. Whether you’re trying to match the color theme of the wedding or not, earth tones on a silk floral robe are anything but neutral. And jewel tones with the shine and sheen of silk radiates elegance. You can find a plethora of options to make your wedding guest wardrobe feel special and unique without stepping outside of wedding day protocol.

No matter how you dress up for the weddings you’re attending this summer, we hope our silk floral robes bring a little extra elegance and ease to getting ready. Whether you wear them to brunch, the ceremony, or covering up by poolside the day after, there are endless ways to make your long kimono duster work for you. And we love to see your looks! Don’t forget to tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can celebrate your summer looks and summer weddings with you.

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