Our Most Popular Pieces: The KIM+ONO Kimono Wraps

The beauty of kimono robes is in the blend of traditional inspiration with modern design. Each one of our pieces has an origin story that weaves together the historical context of traditional Japanese kimono with the modern aesthetic of contemporary designs and palettes. For each collection, a different ideal comes to life. For our Charmeuse Collection, the flirty, fun botanicals of each style are at the forefront and that is never more true than with our lightweight kimono wraps.

Our kimono wraps are a perfect combination of a charmeuse blend with velvet kimono sleeves and trim. The lining and mix of materials make this a slightly heavier piece, adding weight to the depth of design and feel. These are some of our most popular pieces and it’s not unusual for them to quickly sell out. But we’re happy to say that our kimono wraps are back! We’ve gotten our Azumi Kimono Wrap and Haruka Kimono Wrap back in stock and we’re excited to feature them this week on the blog. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite kimono styles with your fan favorite, the KIM+ONO Kimono Wrap.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Angie Silvy
An Azumi Kimono Wrap for a Romantic Layer

When you’re looking for the romance of a lightweight layer, the velvet trim of these kimono sleeves add extra dimension and sweetness to your style. With the beautiful added weight of the velvet trim and the stunning green charmeuse material, this Azumi Kimono Wrap brings an elegance and grace to any look. We love to pair it with unexpected layers. A crop top and jeans is beautifully balanced by the sway and flow of the mid-weight drape. And the neutral colors become a perfect backdrop to let your Azumi Kimono Wrap shine in the spotlight. Whether you’re relaxing at home or stepping out on the town, there soft feel of this kimono robe will bring the beauty to any occasion.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by @thehellajam
Wide Leg Denim and Your Green Kimono Wrap

We’re smitten with the way @thehellajam styles her kimono wrap. Equal parts funky and feminine, the wide leg, frayed denim she adds to her sleek kimono wrap is an effortless balance of layers. Whether you choose to wear your layers tight or loose, the Azumi brings out the attitude in your look. We love how @thehellajam adds even more surprise with an unexpected chunky sneakers. When you’re building out your look, take pieces of the kimono wrap as inspiration. We love how the velvet kimono sleeve ties into her platform sneakers for a look that’s sporty and elegant ll in one.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Angie Silvy
Your Kimono Wrap and Your Statement Accessories

Just because you’re “going big” with the statement a beautiful kimono wrap makes, doesn’t mean you need to shy away from big accessories. While we love the delicate, thin looks of a simple gold chain or ring for a timeless look, your kimono wrap offers itself to many beautiful pairings. In this look, we love the fringe of the earrings to complement the color in the floral design and the texture of the kimono sleeves. Pair with your oversized sunglasses and you’ve got a look that will surely turn heads. When picking out accessories for your kimono wrap, try everything! Pair your tiny pieces of jewelry or your big, bold statement pieces for a look that’s absolutely stunning and totally you.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Streetwear Style: Your Teal Kimono Cardigan 

Our Azumi Kimono Wrap is a beauty, and our Haruka Kimono Wrap is just as whimsical a piece. This teal kimono cardigan brings to life the sweet, simple botanical designs against a vibrant backdrop. Add in the dramatic velvet kimono sleeve and you’ve got a look that will uplevel your entire wardrobe. This piece is the perfect style to take a few risks. Add a hat, bring in your favorite hoop earring, or pair with a dynamic flat for a look that’s as unique as you are. Whether you’re headed to brunch, the office, or to pick up your kids from school, a teal kimono cardigan effortlessly pulls your look together with ease.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by @kristacamillehair
Kimono Fashion at Work

We love seeing how you wear your kimono fashion out in the world, and never is that more true than the beautiful look of @kristacamillehair. We love seeing her kimono fashion come through while she works her artistry. Whether you’re a hairstylist, a teacher, an executive, or an artist, this teal kimono cardigan brings your own unique personality to life. With its soft charmeuse blend as a backdrop, the teal almost shimmers beneath the gold of the floral design. It’s both playful and elegant to add a touch of whimsy to your typical wardrobe.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Which Kimono Wrap is Your Favorite?

We love seeing the abundance of ways you wear your kimono wraps. We’ve seen you step out in style with the kimono wrap as a lightweight layer over your wedding guest attire for your best friend’s big day. We’ve seen you wrap up in your teal kimono cardigan at premieres and events when a typical dress just won’t do. We’ve seen you zen out at home, lounging in the luxury of these timeless pieces of kimono fashion. And we’ve seen you add details, accessories, and your own twist to these wraps with their dramatic velvet kimono sleeves. You’ve found a million ways to wear your kimono wraps, and we’re so happy these beauties are back in stock for you to find a million more.

Be a Part of Our Community

If you’ve loved your kimono wrap and styled your kimono fashion to your heart’s content, share it with us! We absolutely adore seeing the ways you sway in your beautiful kimono wraps. If you’re looking for inspiration and want to see how others are bringing their kimono fashion to life, check out our tagged posts on our Instagram page: @kimandono_. There is an abundance of #fashioninspo in those photos. And if you’re ready to share your inspiration with our community, tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway for a chance to be featured on our page. We love the ways in which your kimono style brings you joy, and hope to keep creating an atmosphere that brings a little luxury to your everyday.

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