Every Question You've Had About Our Kimono Robes, Answered

Today’s journal is your one stop shop for all your kimono robe questions, answered! Over the years, we’ve received so many questions about our materials, collections, how to style, and more. So today, in an effort to provide you with as much information and detail about these beautiful botanical pieces as we can, we’re rounding up some of the most asked questions below. Not only do we have answers for you on this page, but plenty of links to other parts of our website and journal to give you a deeper dive into whatever questions to which you’d like to dive deeper. Transparency has always been a cornerstone of our small family business, and we hope that today’s journal with all the ins and outs of KIM+ONO robes and kimono wraps gives you a more comprehensive look at our entire collection.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Vanessa Hellman

Can these kimono robes be worn outside as well as inside?

Yes, absolutely! All of our kimono robes and wraps can be worn inside while your lounging around the house, or outside while you’re galavanting around town. Start your morning with your silk kimono robe and a morning routine that deepens your breath. Slip into your favorite piece as a lightweight layer over jeans for a day about town. Or pair your favorite kimono wrap with a little black dress, wearing it as a lightweight jacket in lieu of pashmina, for an extra head-turning look for a date night. However you wear your kimono robe, the most beautiful thing about the piece is you — so lean into your own unique style! To get inspired, check out the myriad kimono styles others have put together as well.

What are the differences between materials in each kimono style?

This is a great question! We have a few different collections, all based on the material we use: Printed Silk, Handpainted Silk, Washable Silk, and Charmeuse. The silks are all 100% silk and the Charmeuse is a polyester fiber with a charmeuse weave, making it a luxurious silk-alternative that feels so very soft, but has the durability to wash it at home. You can see the full breakdown of all our silk kimono robes, Charmeuse, and kimono wraps here to give you more details about each and every kimono style.

Can these kimono robes be laundered at home?

Some of them can, some of them can’t! Our Printed Silks and Handpainted Silks should only be dry cleaned. We do not recommend handwashing at all as the water can poorly affect the silk fibers and cause the handpainted designs to run and colors to fade. Our Washable Silks and Charmeuse can be gently laundered at home in cold water with gentle detergent on the delicate cycle. Make sure you don’t overpack the washing machine, take your charmeuse and silk kimono robes out of the machine right away once they’re finished washing, and hang to dry. You can read more about how to care for your Washable Silk Kimono Robe at home in this journal post. 

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Wrap
Photo by Nick Onken

Which kimono styles are best for men?

All of them! The beautiful thing about all of these kimono robes is they don’t have shoulder seams, so it’s truly a gentleman's choice. Our male customers have loved the following designs as their go-to men’s kimono robes: Peony & Butterfly, Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom, and all of our kimono wraps. If you’re looking for a larger men’s kimono robe, check our our plus size kimono robe collection. You can see measurement details on every product page under ‘SIZING’ to give you the most accurate idea of fit.

Will these “one size fits most” kimono robes fit me?

It depends on your exact measurements! We don’t use brand number sizing as it varies widely from brand to brand. All of our pieces in the “OSFM” collection fit between 43” - 50” in chest and hips. These measurements account for the kimono robe wrapping comfortably with about two inches of kimono fabric on each side. Our Curve Collection fits up to 55” in chest and hips. You can see exact measurement details on every product page under ‘SIZING’ to give you the most accurate idea of fit. 

Navy Window Pane Kimono Wrap

I’m petite, will the longer kimono robe lengths fit me?

It will depend on your exact height, but you can see length measurements in ‘SIZING’ of every kimono style product page. The length accounts for measurements from the shoulder to the bottom of the hem. We also have a midi length in our limited edition VIVIANCHAN x KIM+ONO Collection!

Handpainted Silk Crane Kimono Robe 

Since you have a handcrafted process, can you make me a custom design?

Unfortunately, the handcrafted nature of the production process doesn’t lend itself to custom designs at this time. You can check out all our behind the scenes footage for our kimono robe collection here to give you deeper insight into how our artisans handcraft each piece!

Are these kimono robes lined?

Most are not! All of our kimono robes are a single piece of breathable fabric, making it a wonderful lightweight layer. Our kimono wraps are double lined and provide an extra weight and warmth, in addition to the velvet trim. You can see all of our kimono wraps here.

Where are these kimono robes manufactured?

All of our pieces are designed in house in San Francisco. They are then handcrafted in China’s Silk Village by the same family of artisans that our family has been partnering with for decades. Meet the makers of our kimono robes here! 

Plus Size Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio

Do you have plus size kimono robes?

Yes we do! You can shop our Curve Collection with a variety of plus size kimono robes in Charmeuse, Silk, and Washable Silk here. Looking for a specific design you don’t see yet? Let us know! We are always expanding the Curve Collection in line with demand, so drop us a note at hello@kimandono.com with your design requests.

How should I store my kimono robes?

We highly recommend storing your kimono styles on hangers. We don’t have hanging tags to avoid ripping the delicate material, so placing your kimono robes on hangers ensures they will be preserved and gently stored without putting any undue pressure on the kimono fabric. We also suggest using your kimono robe as a work of art in your home. Check out how to use kimono style to design your home here.

What’s the difference between a kimono robe and a kimono wrap?

The main difference between the kimono robe and the kimono wrap is the structure. The kimono wraps have longer sleeves, velvet trim on the sleeves and collar, and they are double lined. You can read more about the differences in kimono style here. 

Handpainted Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
Photo by Rudney Novaes

Which kimono styles do you suggest for a bridal kimono robe?

We’re glad you asked! Almost every single kimono style works for your wedding day, it just depends on your personal style and your wedding day colors. Here’s how Gwen Stefani wore her kimono robe getting ready for her Hollywood wedding; and here’s a round up of our favorite bridal kimono robes, bridesmaid kimono robes, and kimono styles for mother of the bride and groom.

Have more questions we didn’t answer? Check out all of our hundreds of journal posts from material studies to styling suggestions. And you can always email our customer service team at hello@kimandono.com with any questions — we’re standing by and ready to help you add a little luxury added to your every day. Lovely, you deserve it.

Creative Process Handcrafted Handpainted Kimono Style

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  • Hi Sam! We’re still working on the research and development of this in general. But our long Haruka in olive/rosewood plus our long Azumi black/navy all have side seam pockets!

    Courtney on
  • I saw an email months ago about pockets “coming soon.” Do any of the current styles have pockets? When will the full pockets options be available?

    Sam on
  • Hi Linda! For our Charmeuse and Washable Silks, you definitely can wear them after a shower with wet hair! For our Handpainted and Printed Silk Collections we suggest keeping them away from water since water can distort the designs and fabric. Hope this helps!

    Courtney on
  • Can you wear these robes when you get out of the shower, and your hair is wet?

    Linda on
  • Can you wear these robes when you get out of the shower, and your hair is wet?

    Linda on

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