Travel Light: 5 Ways to Style One Kimono Robe

When you’re heading out on a vacation, the last thing you want to feel is overpacked — and perhaps the second to last thing you want to feel is under-packed! So how do you go about fitting the right amount of clothing into your suitcase for every occasion? Enter the kimono robe. One of our favorite things about our floral kimono robes is the fact that they are incredibly versatile. They’ll take you from day to night and back again. They enhance any outfit to be even more of a head-turning statement. And they feel oh so luxurious against your skin during a sun-drenched summer vacation.

So today in the journal, we’re encouraging you to travel light with a summer kimono robe that can work five different ways for you. Whether you enjoy lounging or going out on the town on your vacation, your one silky floral robe will work so many different ways. Today we’ll share with you five ways that you can wear one design — the Jia. This is our signature design, adapted from the bespoke, in-house mural designed specifically for our brick and mortar store in Chinatown. Jia means sisterhood, family, and home. Sentiments that not only personify our brand’s history (founded by sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam), but also articulate our values. Our family has always been the root and foundation of our business, and the Jia is a perfect encapsulation of how much family means to us. So, with all of that said — here’s a deep dive on wearing the Jia kimono collection while you’re on vacation. (Of course, you can repeat this with any style in our kimono robe collection.) Here are five different ways to style a kimono robe for summer, so you can pack light and luxuriate in your summer vacation!

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by @joanandandre
Make Sleeping In a Little More Luxurious

With the Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe, there’s no need to get out of bed to have a luxurious day on vacation. Let yourself sleep in, wrapped up in the softness of your silky floral robe, without the need to go anywhere. The washable silk kimono robes are perfect to wear in the morning and lounging in bed because they are so very soft and so very easy to wash. Instead of feeling like you are wasting the day, you can feel like you’re luxuriating in it. Order some room service for breakfast, lounge in your women’s long silk robe, and enjoy the slower start to your summer mornings.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Make Your Morning Coffee Even More Delightful

When you’re finally ready to get up and at ‘em, slip into your long kimono robe to make your morning coffee. While you are getting ready for the day is a great time to give yourself a little extra something special to make the mundane even more beautiful. Whether you’re making your morning cup of joe through a coffee maker, a french press, or a pour-over, you’re going to have a much more luxurious cup when you’re wearing your women’s long silk robe. Allow the simple things to make your morning that much more special.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by @mirandatillinghast  
Lounge by the Pool in Your Silky Floral Robe

When you’re ready to leave your hotel room (if it’s 3pm, we won’t judge!), and head down to the pool, slip into your bathing suit and drape your long kimono robe over your shoulders. Your silky floral robe is the perfect addition to your swimsuit to keep the sun off your shoulders and provide a little warmth from the breeze. Wearing your washable silk long kimono robe at the pool makes it simple to add a little extra glamor to your poolside look. Wear this while you’re headed down to the beach, or even when grabbing lunch by the pool. Wearing your kimono robe is an even more relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by @mirandatillinghast  
A Head-Turning Kimono Robe as a Jacket

Once you decide it’s time to head out for the evening, you may want a little lightweight cover up. And this is just one more way to wear the same kimono robe to make the night a little more luxurious. Slip into your crop top and high-waisted pants, or perhaps a summer dress, or perhaps a monochromatic jumpsuit underneath your silky floral robe. Pair it with a wide brimmed hat and your favorite open toed heels for a look that is both sophisticated and comfortable. You can wear your silky floral robe open with the sash tied in the back to keep it open and beautifully styled.

Jia Kimono Wrap
Photo by @joanandandre
A Long Kimono Wrap for Lounging Around the Hotel

One of the best parts of vacation is wandering around your hotel and finding fun and spontaneous things to do. From heading to the hotel bar, to listening to live music, to finding entertainment that’s specific to your hotel or location, there’s always something fun to dive into on vacation. Wrap up in your long kimono wrap to find every magical moment of the evening. With the velvet touches, it’s a beautiful evening look that adds a dash of fun to the sophisticated style of the Jia design. Slink from event to event, feeling perfectly dressed in a long kimono wrap that makes you feel comfortable and elegant, all at once.

All of these looks take into account that your vacation bag should be light, but your vacation style should be top notch. Make your mornings a little more meditative and mindful by slipping into your washable silk kimono robe  Make your middays fun and comfortable with an extra layer of protection against the sun when wearing your silky floral robe by the pool. Make your evenings sophisticated and spontaneous by wearing your long kimono wrap as you head to the events and dinner around the hotel. No matter how you’re wearing your kimono robe on vacation, it becomes the number one go-to for all things luxurious and all things relaxing. 

Don’t forget to tag us in your vacation photos! We’d love to see how you style these beauties, so make sure to share your photos with us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway. 

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