The Televsion Debut of Our Kimono Robes in Hollywood

Each and every time you slip into your silk robe, our wish for you is that you feel like the queen you are — and now, maybe add Hollywood starlet to that wish! The past year, we’ve seen every design, ranging from our plus size kimono robes to our men’s kimono robes on national television, some of the hottest trending streaming shows, and even at Gwen Stefani’s intimate wedding. These silk kimono robes are showing up in all kinds of television shows, throughout Hollywood for special occasions, and we couldn’t be happier that they’re making their TV debut!

We love receiving emails and DMs from you letting us know you just spotted your favorite short silk robe on your favorite show. In a time when it’s easy to feel out of touch with each other, it’s such a delightful surprise when our everyday looks are seen on TV by the characters who inspire us and whose stories we love to follow. So today in the journal, we’re rounding up some of our silk robes’ most recent television appearances. These looks showcase how versatile these pieces can be — from moments of motherhood, to lounging, to glitzy socialite glamour — there are so many TV moments that echo those real life moments when your favorite floral kimono robe seems to elevate your everyday.

 Plus Size Coral Chrysanthemum Kimono Robe
Still from This Is Us
Our Plus Size Kimono Robes and Floral Kimono Robes in This Is Us

We were floored to see one of our favorite shows featured some of our favorite kimono robes in multiple episodes! We're especially excited that This Is Us, a show all about family, the struggles and the triumphs, featured our pieces. It is wonderful to see how our robes bring a little comfort to the show's characters in a variety of relatable, everyday moments. In Season 5, Episode 15, Beth Pearson (played By Susan Kelechi Watson) slips into this beautiful silk robe as she chats with Randall (played by Sterling K. Brown) before he goes off for his Bachelor party. Her olive kimono robe is a fun complement to his outdoor gear. In Season 6, Episode 1, Madison Simmons (played by Caitlin Thompson) looks stunning in our Fura Kimono Robe, in a relatable mommy moment. We have to agree that we love all the baby smells also. Nothing weird about it! The pearl blue kimono robe is one small way to elevate the everyday tasks of motherhood. And we recently saw Season 6, Episode 9 featured Chrissy Metz in our plus size kimono robe that’s a fan favorite all around. That episode was directed by Mandy Moore, and we were so thrilled to see our plus size kimono robe collection featured for this fun moment of Chrissy getting her morning coffee.

 Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Still from Inventing Anna
The Glamorous Kimono Robes in Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna is a whole different kind of vibe, proving that these silk robes are just as versatile as the women (and men!) who wear them. The oh so talented Julia Garner wears our fan favorite washable silk robe in the Peony & Butterfly style and our most luxurious handpainted silk robe with cherry blossoms. We love seeing how the show's costume design incorporated our bestselling pieces into the dynamic production design of this story that centers around fashion and glamour. Whether you go for a short silk robe or a longer length, these two kimono robes worn by Julia Garner in Inventing Anna will make you feel a little more luxurious everyday — hopefully without all the scamming!

 Silk Keina Kimono Robe
Still from The Rookie
Men’s Kimono Robes in The Rookie

Our silk robes’ television debut aren’t strictly a woman’s domain. In fact, the men’s kimono robe seen in The Rookie is one of our most popular pieces for men and we were so excited to see it featured in Season 4, Episode 13. Men’s kimono robes can be worn as a beautiful silk robe slipped over top pajamas or even just underwear; or they can be transformed into an outfit with jeans and a t-shirt. Take a look at The Rookie to see these men’s kimono robes in action and head over to our Men’s Lookbook for some inspiration for how to style your own.

 Azumi Kimono Wrap
Still from Days of Our Lives
Our Kimono Wraps in Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives, a classic and time-tested show all about life, love, family, the tragedies and the triumphs, featured quite a few of our silk robes as well as our fan favorite kimono wraps! It is wonderful to see how our robes and wraps bring a little comfort to the show's characters in a variety of relatable, everyday moments. Gabi Hernandez (played by Camila Banus) wears our popular kimono wrap Azumi Kimono Wrap and her green kimono robe with brown florals is a fun complement to Jake DiMera’s (played by Brandon Barash) robe. We loved to see Lani Price (played by Sal Stowers) look stunning while wearing her floral kimono robe as well as Gwen Rizczech (played by Emily O'Brien) in a silk robe. Gwen wears this silk robe as she is getting proposed to by Xander Kiriakis (played by Paul Telfer) and it’s a luxurious piece to take on new significance from this life-changing moment.

Peony &  Butterfly Kimono Robe
Still from NCIS
A Best Selling Floral Kimono Robe in NCIS

Back in November, NCIS aired an episode featuring Patricia Richardson as Judy Price Fielding in a floral kimono robe which happens to be one of our absolute best selling pieces! This floral kimono robe comes in our “one size fits most” collections, but it’s also offered as a plus size kimono robe in both Charmeuse and Washable Silk. The sophisticated design stands out as Patricia Richardson wears this floral kimono robe, walking down the hallway to the spa area.

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe 
Gwen Stefani’s Intimate Hollywood Wedding with Our Floral Kimono Robe

We loved seeing Gwen Stefani wear our floral kimono robe last summer when she and Blake Shelton got married in an intimate Hollywood wedding! Their Hollywood wedding featured all the luxurious little details you’d expect from a family wedding affair. Her veil, by Vera Wang, was embroidered with Gwen and Blake’s names, as well as her children’s names, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Weaving in their own love for family struck such a chord with us because each and every one of our kimono robes — from our bridal robes to our kimono wraps to our plus size kimono robes — are woven with our own love for family, and the traditions and heritage that have built our brand. So we felt so moved that Gwen Stefani chose our Peony & Bird Kimono Robe when getting ready for her wedding day.

We are so excited to share our silk robes’ television debuts with you and hope they keep showing up on the small and big screens alike! Have you seen your kimono robe on screen? Tell us in the comments!

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