Material Study: Our Fan Favorite Kimono Wraps

One of our most popular collections is our signature kimono wraps. These beautiful modern kimono wraps bring that extra touch of luxury and gorgeous decadence to any outfit. These pieces can be worn any which way, as a floral cardigan kimono robe to a lightweight jacket, and even sometimes as a dress. They are perfect as women’s and men’s kimono wraps, and they are so versatile that you may find yourself wearing them to all the exciting occasions you have this year.

So today in the journal, we want to breakdown the delicate details of this fan favorite and give you some extra insight into this popular collection. From the handcrafted details of design to the variety of ways you can wear these modern kimono wraps, these pieces are fan favorites for a good reason. Whether you’re wearing a short or long length, a stark black color or some of our more muted earthy tones, there is a kimono wrap to make you feel like the queen you are and bring a little extra something special to your everyday look. Here is our material study of our fan favorite kimono wrap:

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Velvet Cuffs on Each Kimono Sleeve

Let’s talk about velvet. This pop of luxurious black velvet is the signature distinction between our kimono wraps and our other modern kimono robes. The black velvet trim is highlighted at the cuffs on the kimono sleeves as well as around the collar itself. The velvet trim adds an extra weight to these pieces so they hang and sway a bit differently than our other lightweight three-quarter length kimono sleeves on our robes. The velvet brings extra attention to the way the kimono wrap falls on your body, bringing a slightly heavier feel to how the soft charmeuse sways as you walk. The balance between the lightweight material and the signature velvet is a sartorial surprise, a pop of added luxury that makes these kimono wraps a head-turning addition to your wardrobe.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Charmeuse Kimono Wraps with a Double Lining

Most of our pieces are a single layer of material; they are lightweight and breathable. Our modern kimono wraps however, are our only pieces that are double lined so you get a little bit of extra warmth with these midweight pieces. While the double lining is still very light, these kimono wraps are a beautiful addition to your kimono robe collection with their extra bit of warmth and weight — a wonderful winter season feel or simply a transition piece during the fall or summer.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Full Length Kimono Sleeves on Each Kimono Wrap

Another difference between the kimono wraps and kimono robes is the length of the kimono sleeve itself. In our kimono robes, we favor the T-shaped kimono sleeve that falls about three-quarters of the way down the arm. This will depend on the breadth of your shoulders, as there are no shoulder seams on the kimono robes. For our kimono wraps, we utilize a full-length sleeve design and include shoulder seams for sturdy construction to anchor the velvet trim. The longer sleeve length paired with the double lining of the material gives it that extra warm feel that makes it a perfect layering piece, styled by many of our customers as a lightweight floral cardigan kimono wrap.

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Wrap
Photo by Nick Onken
The Perfect Women’s and Men’s Kimono Wrap

So many of our male customers absolutely love these kimono wraps and they’re a fan favorite for men who are just dipping their toes into our modern kimono robes. Our male customers tell us that one of the reasons they love these men’s kimono wraps is due to the length of the sleeve as well as the gender fluid design on the floral cardigan kimono wraps. The sleeve length gives them some extra coverage — especially if they have broad shoulders, making the three-quarter length sleeve fall a little bit shorter on them — and the botanical designs are subtle and continuous. The muted, earthy colors plus the vibrant richness of the blacks, teals, and greens, give these men’s kimono wraps a pop of color that feels easy to wear. Another reason our male customers love these wraps is due to the double lining as they enjoy the extra weight to the material. Put all together, these men’s kimono wraps are an exciting addition to any man’s wardrobe, as well as a woman’s or non-binary person’s as well. These gender fluid designs are a beautiful way to add a little luxury to a variety of personal styles.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by @bonded4ever
Style These Kimono Wraps with Versatility

Whether you’re wearing these pieces as a lightweight floral cardigan kimono wrap over jeans and a t-shirt, or you’re wearing them as a lightweight kimono jacket over a dress, they are as versatile as you are. You can wear these as an extra decadent lounging robe, or tie them with a belt and make a full length kimono dress out of them! The options are truly endless. The only rule is to stay true to your vision of how you want to look and feel. These modern kimono wraps can roll with you throughout the seasons as a beautiful jacket for New Year’s Eve, or perhaps a nursing gown after your baby is born, or a gift for your partner on Father’s Day, or a special gift of self care you can wear that you give to yourself. Whatever the occasion, whatever the event, these modern kimono wraps are the ultimate choice to add a little bit of luxury to any moment.

Laundering Your Kimono Wrap with Confidence

The wonderful thing about your kimono wrap is that it can be laundered at home. You can use cold water, mild detergent, and the delicates setting in your washing machine, and then hang your kimono wrap to dry. We highly recommend the best practice of placing your kimono wrap in a delicates bag like this one. This will protect it from catches and snags from coming into contact with other clothing with rough surfaces like zippers or even buttons which can damage the velvet and the seams

So tell us — how do you like to wear your own floral cardigan kimono wrap? Are you a go-out type? Or a stay-in type? Or perhaps you’re something in between? The great news is there are no limits to the ways you can wear your modern kimono wraps. And when you do, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can see and celebrate your own true-to-you style. We love to get inspired by you, and hope you feel like a queen (or king) each and every time you slip into these special pieces.

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