A Home for Kimono Robes in San Francisco

Rudyard Kipling once wrote, “San Francisco only has one drawback — ‘tis hard to leave.” At KIM+ONO, we couldn’t agree more. San Francisco has been our home for decades. Our co-founders, sisters Tiffany and Renee, grew up here, learning from their parents everything it takes to be an entrepreneur in a city like this. They knew they wanted to bring a modern edge to the traditions they learned and fell in love with in childhood, and Chinatown was the perfect spot to bring their kimono store to life.

From the bustling city streets to the epic wonders of nature, there is something for everyone in this city. It can be a beautiful escape and a mecca of productivity all at once. That’s why we love seeing the ways in which you bring your kimono style to the streets of San Francisco. Your style accents the way in which the city can change and morph as your day does. And that’s why kimono robes, as a lightweight layer to dress up your everyday outfit or bring you a quiet sense of peace at the end of the day, are the perfect complement to this ever-changing city. Here are some of the ways we’ve loved to see you wear your kimono style in San Francisco:

Hana Kimono Robe
Photo by @takomasa_studio
Your Gray Floral Kimono Robe at the Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most epic landmarks in our entire country is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The foggy atmosphere across the bridge encapsulates the feel of the city: it’s a place where things move and a place where dreams are made. That’s why we love this look of this dreamy gray floral kimono robe as a lightweight jacket to wear out on a trek across the bridge. With the moodiness of the gray and smoothness of the kimono fabric, we love this layered look over the monochrome of white. It’s a little bit playful and the perfect daytime go-to outfit for your day out in the city. With the beautifully simple red flowers, this gray floral kimono robe serves as your perfect piece for making sure you have a sophisticated layer for both day and night.

Silk Botan Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Your Pink Kimono Robe for Meetings About Town

Taking a meeting in the middle of a busy work day? Take your silk pink kimono robe along for the ride. This beautiful and soft pink kimono robe is a feminine touch to any outfit. We love seeing it with high-waisted pants and a blouse in neutral colors. The neutral bottom layer makes the subtle pink pop while hitting an elegant tone. Against the backdrop of the classic architecture in Jackson Square, this silk pink kimono robe brings a sleek sweetness to the buildings and business of the neighborhood.

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Robe
Photo by @mmmmissmaggie
Your Kimono Style on an SF Vacation

We love when you wear your kimono robe out on the town, but we love when you lounge in luxury just as much. With a look that’s delicate and a feel that’s smooth to the touch, we love the Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Robe as a perfect way to wind down. If you’re visiting San Francisco, stop into out kimono store in Chinatown and pick up a little something to make your hotel stay that much more relaxing. Whether you were hustling around town for work or for play, and even if it’s just for you, your kimono style can help you unwind from your busy day.

Peacock & Blossoms Kimono Robe
Photo by @ely_ballanca
A Pink Kimono Robe and Your Favorite Sneakers

Think each and every kimono style you wear out of the house must be fancy? Think again. Although every piece does bring elegance and luxury to your look, your kimono style shines when dressed down with jeans and sneakers. We love the look of this pink kimono robe and the edge it brings to a typical everyday outfit. It’s the unexpected layers and pairings that help you express your own unique kimono style, and this is one we love to see.

Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Step into Our Kimono Store in San Francisco

San Francisco has been our home for years, so when we opened the brick and mortar KIM+ONO store to complement our online offerings, it indeed felt like a homecoming. That’s why we wanted to create a space you felt comfortable wandering into and taking a load off. With our big velvet couch, minimal design, and pop up events, our kimono store should give you the big, deep breaths you’ve been needing all week. Whether you stop in on your lunch break, or wander in while you’re exploring Chinatown, this is a place we hope can serve as your own homebase—offering you a sense of ease and a little bit of luxury to take back with you into the streets of San Francisco.

Photo by Delbarr Moradi
A Kimono Robe for Every Style

We designed each and every kimono robe with you in mind. From your career to your home, we want you to feel empowered and confident in exactly who you are and what you bring to the table. That’s why our kimono store and online shop carry a variety of kimono styles to fit your fancy. From the professional to the personal, your kimono robe should be that little touch of softness and elegance that reminds you of just how beautiful you are.

Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Show Us Your Kimono Style

Have you shared your kimono style with us yet? We absolutely love to see how you wear yours. From city to city across the country, and in other countries across the globe, your unique take on this modern kimono robe always inspires us. So don’t be shy! Tag us on Instagram at @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can see and celebrate the special way you wear yours. And if you’re just getting started in building out your kimono robe collection, head over to our Instagram tagged photos and see how other customers are wearing theirs. There is always something inspiring and beautiful to be found.

And don’t forget, next time you’re in San Francisco, come see us! We love meeting customers face to face who’ve found us online. Our goal is to be more impactful in everything we do and meeting you is the best way for us to learn how to do just that!

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