How to Make Daily Changes for Better Sleep

No matter who you are, most likely, you wish you could sleep just a little bit better. With the way technology pulls our focus from task to task and notification to notification, shutting our brains down at night can prove incredibly difficult. Not only do our jobs and kids and families need our attention, but less important things like social media or television seem to beg for it, too. We grapple with the fear of missing out and hunt for a little dopamine by pulling open our apps one last time right before slumber.

But all of this can wreak havoc on our sleep cycle. Even for the best of sleepers, the constant screens throughout the day and fast-paced nature of daily life can impede the quality of your sleep each time you hit the hay. At KIM+ONO, part of our mission is to bring luxury to your everyday. And what’s more luxurious than a full, restful night of sleep? So this week on the journal, we’re breaking down six tips for better sleep, and to help you stay asleep with a quality snooze that will re-energize you and reinvigorate you all week long.

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Adjust Your Daily Light Exposure for Optimal Rest

It seems too simple to be true, but the simplest tactics tend to work the best. Your body follows a natural rhythm to keep track of time. It’s called your circadian rhythm, and it basically informs your body when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake. One way to encourage your body to fall into that rhythm and allow you a decent night of rest is to make sure your daily light exposure corresponds with your wake and sleep periods. That means, any natural light or bright light that you can absorb during wakeful hours will help increase your daytime energy. Slip into your pink kimono robe to make mornings a little bit easier if you’re not so keen on waking up with the sun. Just a little bit of luxury makes it easier to slip out of bed and into your day. In addition, decrease your exposure to blue light at the end of the day. Blue light tricks your mind into thinking it’s still daytime, so take a break from the screen, slip back into you pink kimono robe and wind down with a book instead.

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Substitute Afternoon Tea for a Late in the Day Latte

Your morning cup of joe can be a great part of your morning routine, but switch it out as the day progresses. Too much caffeine late in the day can make it even harder to wind down. And that’s because caffeine stays in your bloodstream for up to eight hours. If you end up having a late afternoon caffeinated beverage, you may be sabotaging your ability to fall asleep and the quality of it. Tap out caffeine for decaffeinated tea instead. We carry and love the Leaves and Flowers blend at our kimono store, which brings an herbal and subtly floral aroma into our day each time we sip it. Create a ritual around your afternoon tea and signal to your body that the day will soon come to a close.

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Set a Consistent Rhythm

If you find it difficult to sleep and wake up, it may be due to inconsistencies in your schedule. Any parent of young children knows, you don’t really need an alarm when you have a little toddler climbing into bed with you to wake you up as soon as the sun rises. But even so, trying to set up structure and consistency around sleep can help you fall asleep and wake up easier. Create a morning routine and evening routine to remind your brain to wake up or wind down. Our suggestion is to bookend your day with your black floral kimono robe. Slip into some luxury first thing in the morning to rise with the sun. Then when it’s time to wind down at the end of the day, pull on your black floral kimono robe as you wash your face and brush your teeth. Creating a habit around your routines makes it easier for your brain to fall into a rhythm, and that rhythm will help you fall more easily into slumber.

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Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Haven

Don’t let easily fixable sleep obstacles stick around. Make your bedroom a beautiful place for sleep. A place you can’t wait to crawl into at the end of a long day. Make sure the temperature is cool and comfortable, choose blackout curtains if lots of light gets through your window shades. Make sure that any outside noise is mitigated and consider a white noise machine to lull you into sleep as well. Decorate your room with a beautiful women’s kimono robe by hanging it on the wall for an extra special piece of art that you can also slip on in the morning. Creating a haven for yourself is an easy and quick way to maximize your sleep potential.

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Lower Your Heart Rate with Relaxation Techniques

As you bring your day to a close, do what you can to calm your breath and your heart rate. Bringing it down low means you’ll feel more easily inclined to sleep when it’s time. Try meditation with an app or a simple guided meditation off of YouTube. Give yourself a nice light stretch. Give yourself the luxurious and soft feel from your women’s kimono robe to mindfully stay present and connected to the here and now. Make a gratitude list of all the ways you’re thankful for your day. Find ways to bring your heart rate down and relax your way to the end of the day.

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Get Moving During the Day

And earlier in the day? Get your heart rate up! Moving and exercising regularly earlier in the day is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep at night. Stay away from nighttime routines when adrenaline will pump through your system and make it a bit more difficult to wind down. Even if it’s just starting with an easy walk as you sway with your silk kimono robe around the block, getting moving in any capacity is a win. Burn out your energy during the day and find the luxurious sleep you’ve been missing at night.

These are just a few suggestions of how to improve your sleep to give you a restful head start to each day. Have you tried these natural ways to sleep better? Do you have tips of your own? Let us know in the comments how you maximize your sleep.

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