The Birds and Butterflies of Our Kimono Robes

Although our kimono robes are designed here in San Francisco, the designs are grounded in inspiration from vintage Asian art and the flora and fauna all around us. We’ve chosen certain scenes not just for their beauty, but also for their meaning. Whether it’s a bird, a butterfly, a color, or a flower, our kimono robes are woven with symbolism. This week, we’re exploring our birds and butterfly kimono patterns — a delicate and delightful touch to the luxury we hope to bring to your every day.

Handpainted Peacock Kimono Robe
Photo by Jennifer Skog
A White Kimono Robe with a Bold Peacock

When seen in decorative art, like the art we’ve been inspired by, the peacock represents both beauty and dignity. In China during the Ming Dynasty, the peacock also symbolized power and divinity. This gorgeous white kimono robe features the peacock with its tail of “100 eyes”, which has also come to mean protection and holiness. No matter which symbolism speaks the most to you, there is surely something beautiful and powerful in this white kimono robe. Whether wearing it around the house or out on the town, you’re donning a piece of meaningful wearable art.

Handpainted Crane Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
A Grey Kimono Robe with a Powerful Crane

This beautiful grey kimono robe is the perfect silk backdrop for the meaningful crane. In Chinese and Japanese culture, the crane symbolizes longevity and peace and it is the second most favored bird symbol after the phoenix. According to Asian Lifestyle Design, the crane is “often used on formal wedding kimonos, and the uchikake, a decorative kimono that goes over the actual kimono, where beautiful images of tsuru are often embroidered.” But we don’t think you have to be getting married to enjoy the beauty of crane symbolism in a modern kimono robe. This grey kimono robe offers an everyday kimono pattern to bring luxury and peace to whomever wears it.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
A Butterfly on a Blue Kimono Robe

The butterfly has incredible symbolic energy in Asian culture. Not only does represent good luck and fortune, but expresses cycles and eternity and is associated with womanhood and femininity. There’s so much goodness in the butterfly and that’s why we love it on the canvas of a bright blue kimono robe, bringing out its energy and good luck. We amplify the butterfly symbolism by pairing it with a peony for riches, prosperity, and honor. So all around, this blue kimono robe is a piece of wearable art reminding the wearer that the cycle of life can be an abundant one.

With the rich history of kimonos in Japanese culture, and the Chinese traditions of our family business across the generations, every kimono pattern on each one of our handcrafted kimono robes is infused with meaning and uniqueness. It’s our wish that any time you wear one of these kimono robes, you are connected to the inspiration of vintage Asian art and generations of artisans in the same way we were when designing them.

And don’t forget to show us how you’re wearing your kimono robes! Tag us at kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can see your kimono style.

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