Choosing Good for the Soul Resolutions You Can Keep

2020 is coming to a close and many folks are saying “Good Riddance!” In so many ways, we understand that. While like us, you may have started off 2020 with a long list of resolutions, it would have taken superhero stamina to stay focused on those resolutions and goals during a challenging year like this one. However, this past year has certainly shown us what is most important and all that we can still feel gratitude for. If nothing else, the past year has taught us how to plan (and not plan) for life’s curveballs. So when it comes to resolutions this year, we’re refocusing away from the tangible goals we typically strive towards and focus instead on the things that we can accomplish during any year — even the ones that throw us off track.

At KIM+ONO, we have always thought about how our women’s kimono robes fit into feeling good. It’s always been a goal of ours to make you feel like the queen you are whenever you’re wearing one of our kimono robes. And that feeling — feeling good in your own skin — has perhaps never been more important than in times like these. So for this New Year’s resolutions, we are focusing on choosing good for the soul resolutions that you can keep and that will uplift you all year long. Here is our round up of five goals and resolutions you can set for the year to continue feeling good and taking care of yourself, no matter what this year sends your way.

Iku Kimono Robe
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Align Your Mind with Gratitude

Sometimes the simplest things can feel like the most difficult. While it’s easy to say “be more grateful” — sometimes it can be difficult to actually practice. If you’re trying to get into any habit this year, we highly suggest the habit of gratitude. It may take a little bit of mind muscle to switch your attitude from fear or anger or anxiety into gratitude, but it’s something that can keep you grounded in the here and now when the world is spinning too fast. It’s obvious to say that we’re thankful for the big things — health, family, friends, etc. But something that really helps ground us into the habit of gratitude is being thankful for the smallest things: the way the light is coming in through your window, the soft feel of your women’s kimono robe on your skin, the taste of coffee first thing in the morning. These small things aren’t small at all, and they can lead you into a habitual mental practice of noticing when things, even the smallest things, are grounding you and bringing you into gratitude for the present moment.

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Do More of What You Love

At KIM_ONO, we are constantly inspired by artists and makers, craftspeople and artisans, who put their time and efforts into the things they love the most. That’s why we’ve filled our kimono store in San Francisco with handcrafted wellness goodies to pair with our handcrafted women’s kimono robes. When people love what they do, that quality and care is infused to everything they make. So in 2021, choose to do more of what you love. Whether that’s your work, or just savoring your favorite meal at least once a month, do the things you love to do! Perhaps that’s taking a walk around the block, or picking up flowers for the table every week. Maybe that’s traipsing around your home in your favorite green kimono robe, or staying wrapped up in the covers all day. Whatever you love, focus on it, pay attention to it, and cultivate more of it in your life — you deserve it.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
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Celebrate Who You Are

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that expressing our genuine selves, and honoring others’ truest self expression, is essential to happiness and contentment. We hope that no matter who you are, you feel like the queen you are every time you slip into our women’s kimono robes (and sometimes those are men’s kimono robes too!). We have spent this year seeing how you have supported yourself, supported others, supported causes of social justice, and have worked to bring more love and compassion to every interaction. At KIM+ONO, we’ve always been inspired by the way traditional Japanese kimono was a garment of self expression worn every day. We designed our modern kimono robes to celebrate that heritage and more than ever this year, we hope you celebrate exactly who you are every single day.

Plus Size Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
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Take Care of Future You

So often we think future “us” will just deal with it: with the responsibilities, or the time constraints, or the busyness. When issues or situations arise, we think, “I’ll deal with it in the future,” often to the detriment of our future selves! So in 2021, make the resolution to take care of your future self. Instead of giving yourself chores or work in the future, give yourself opportunities to relax. Make a plan each week to slip into your plus size kimono robe and drink a cup of tea. Make a point to pick up a book you can escape into and savor. Choose happiness and ease and calm for future you, instead of giving her extra responsibilities and tasks that begin to pile up. Choose to fill your future with small things you can look forward to and put in place a structure that allows you to slow down and take the rests when you need them.

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Be Nice to Yourself

If there’s one thing we could all use right now: it’s kindness. And sometimes, being kind to yourself is the hardest task of all. Make a resolution this year to be nicer to yourself — in your actions, thoughts, and beliefs. Slip into your beautiful pink kimono robe, cuddle up in the coziest blankets, and give yourself the mental hug you deserve. Be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes. Be kind to yourself when you fail. Be encouraging to yourself when you’re learning something new or doing something you haven’t done before. This year, speak to yourself like you’d speak to your child — with warmth and love and tenderness.

You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are a work of art, lovely. In 2021, choose resolutions that reinforce those facts. You deserve to feel like the beautiful person you are.

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