6 Ways to Make Your Kimono Robe an Heirloom

At KIM+ONO, history and heritage has always been a huge part of our brand story. Our co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, grew up in their parents’ Chinatown stores, right in the heart of San Francisco. They learned everything about blending business and family from their parents. Their grandparents watched them when their parents worked late. They were enmeshed in their Chinatown community, making it a second home. Their family heritage has always been an integral part of their lives — from work to play — so when they branched off to create KIM+ONO, their heritage was woven into every single design.

There is something so beautiful about passing things along from generation to generation. The Tam family has been in business for years, and that legacy, of building on what came before, enriches the meaning of every kimono robe. And while you may not share the Tam family heritage and history, we want each and every kimono robe and kimono wrap to be an heirloom for you, too, enriched by your own life and your own history. An heirloom is defined as a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. Our biggest hope is that each and every handcrafted women’s silk robe stays in your family for generations, imbued with the heritage and history of your own life. So today in the journal, we’re breaking down six ways to start making your kimono robe an heirloom that you can pass to the next generation, and the next, and the next. Whether you’re creating this for your given family or your chosen one, creating a family heirloom stitches your own story into your kimono robe, making it so much more than a silk bathrobe.

Maren Kimono Robe
Photo: @ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Wear Your Long Kimono Robes for Very Special Occasions

One way to endow your kimono wraps and long kimono robes with extra special meaning is to wear them for extra special occasions! This could be a wedding day, a graduation day, or even a family reunion that brings all of you together. These women’s silk robes can be worn inside as loungewear, but just as easily, they can be worn to dress up a short dress or romper to elevate an occasion-look. So don’t be afraid to don a beautiful silk bathrobe as a lightweight jacket at an important occasion in your life, so that you think about that highlight or monumental time each and every time you slip into it.

 Silk Keina Kimono Robe
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Incorporate You Silk Bathrobe Into Your Daily Ritual

The patterns and images we see in childhood make such a lasting impression on us. That was the case for Tiffany and Renee Tam! When they were little girls, the Tam sisters saw vintage Asian art and the gorgeous hand painting of traditional Japanese kimono during travels with their parents and it left a huge impression on them. So much so, that those inspirations still serve as design inspo for their modern silk bathrobes. So where your favorite long kimono robes around during your daily rituals to impact those around you — and yourself! Whether it’s your morning wakeup routine, or how you wind down at night, slip into your favorite women’s silk kimono robes to marry the beautiful botanical images to the daily rituals that make you feel well. That connection between images and daily moments will end up making both even more beautiful.

Plus Size Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe 
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Let Your Kimono Wraps and Robes Evolve with Your Life

One of the beautiful things about these women’s silk kimono robes is that they can evolve with your life as your life evolves. They almost naturally end up turning into an heirloom by virtue of moving with you from life stage to life stage. You can wear these long kimono robes for special occasions like weddings and graduations as a way to dress up and stand out, then you can wear it as a way to comfort yourself during moments like breastfeeding or recovery from surgery. But you can also wear these silk bathrobes on vacations or honeymoons as poolside cover ups or as a little extra protection from the sun at the beach. No matter what you’re celebrating, or what season of life you’re in, these beautiful kimono wraps and robes are right there with you.

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe


Photo by Maria Del Rio
Connect to the Symbolism in Your Women’s Silk Robe

Each of our pieces draws inspiration from vintage Asian art and the beauty of botanicals. And behind every design is a unique and powerful symbol that can bring additional meaning to your long kimono robe each time you wear it. Whether it’s the sense of renewal of the cherry blossom, the power of enlightenment from the lotus, or the good fortune of the peacock, there is a beautiful symbol on each of our pieces that adds that symbolism to your day each and every time you wear one. You can read more about the symbolism behind each of our kimono robes here.

 Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo: @ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Share These Long Kimono Robes with The Ones You Love

Part of making something an heirloom is passing it to someone else. Whether that’s gifting your particular long kimono duster to a family member or friend, or gifting them one of their own, the person who receives the piece, receives a piece of you. Whether your family is chosen or given, sharing these beautiful silk bathrobes is a way to say you are important and we are woven into each other’s stories no matter what. 

Take Care of These Heirloom Women’s Silk Robes for the Long Haul

Of course it goes without saying that to make something an heirloom, it needs to be delicately handled and kept safe over time. We have a full breakdown here of how to care for the delicate kimono wraps and robes we create to give you pointers on how to make these pieces last a lifetime. Each time you carefully handle these pieces, you imbue them with the intention that they will last and be part of your entire life.

We hope these silk bathrobes bring a little luxury to your everyday, and stay with you for your entire lifetime.

Heritage Plus Size Kimono Robe Short Kimono Washable Silk

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