Wrap Up in Beautiful Bridal Style

It’s your big day! Wrap up in beautiful bridal style as you get ready for your special walk down the aisle. Gift a little luxury to the ones who are standing by your side. Say thank you to the mama who has always been there for you. For all the ways you celebrate your wedding day, find a beautiful and luxurious kimono style to make the moments even more meaningful.

Whether you’re gifting bridesmaids robes or wearing your own luxurious bridal robe while getting ready, each kimono style makes the small moments even more meaningful. And when you purchase 5+ pieces, use this special 15% discount YOURDAY to make gifting even lovelier.

Peony & Butterfly Long Kimono Robe


Azumi Long Kimono Wrap


Silk Handpainted Cherry Blossom Long Kimono Robe


Peony & Butterfly Short Kimono Robe


Coral Chrysanthemum Long Kimono Robe


Haruka Long Kimono Wrap


Peony & Butterfly Long Kimono Robe (Plus Size)


Cherry Blossom & Crane Long Kimono Robe


Peony & Bird Long Kimono Robe


Silk Handpainted Cherry Blossom Short Kimono Robe


Blush Rose Long Kimono Robe


Peacock Feather Long Kimono Robe



Bridal Kimono Robes

Brides, whether your wedding was postponed or you’re recently engaged… We are so grateful to be a small part of your new beginnings this year.

Wrap yourself in feminine neutrals and beautiful botanicals, combining the luxurious feel of silk or charmeuse for a big day as beautiful as you are.

Wrap Yourself In Luxury

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe Inspired by @silverfoxstudiosny via: @ginab181

Aimi, Peony & Butterfly, and Handpainted Silk Peacock Kimono Robes Inspired by @hellobuenosdiaz

Get Ready in Bridal Style

Pull Together a Cohesive Look for Your Bridal Party

Once you’ve picked your own bridal kimono robe, it’s time to think about silky floral robes for your bridal party! If you’ve opted for a white silk robe, you can choose another color and design from a different collection to gift to your bridal party, making you stand out as the bride. Or, you can break totally out of the box and mix and match colors and designs to have a more unique, less uniform look. Whatever you choose for your luxury bridal robes will be the right choice, because this is your day!

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe Inspired by @ashleyraestudio via @helenatttran

Luxury for the Mother of the Bride

Say thank you to the mama who has always been there for you.

Mother of the bride. Mother of the groom. After the bride, these might be the most important women at your wedding! And they should look the part. Bring out the sophistication and elegance of your mother that flatters her in every way.

Wrap Her In Luxury

Add a Little Special Bridal Party Gift


At KIM+ONO, we love the elegant look of a white kimono robe at any time, but never is it more beautiful than on your wedding day. Inspired by the tradition of Japanese kimono, vintage Asian art, and beautiful blooms found in nature, our bridal robes exhibit the timeless traditions of the past while creating a women’s kimono robe that marks the special day you begin your future. One reason we love these kimono cover ups so much for your wedding day is that they bring both a traditional feel plus a modern ethos into your wedding day photographs. They can serve your style any way that feels best to you. Our bridal robes lean into modern, romantic whimsical colors like navy, gray, and white. Our white silk kimono robes have the traditional bridal feel, bringing out your beauty in a wedding kimono robe before you even slip into your wedding gown. Wearing these bridesmaid robes can be a wonderful way to celebrate your cherished crew, and they can double as a perfect kimono cover up for your honeymoon even after your big day. Our bridal robes bring the flirtiness of flowers and the timelessness of a wedding kimono robe into any look, for your wedding day and beyond. We know that every woman deserves to feel her best, most confident self, especially as she’s getting married, and we hope the designs on each and every one of our wedding kimono robes and bridesmaid robes, along with their silky, soft textures will do just that.