You Asked, We Designed It: Transparency in Our Kimono Robe Designs

When co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, dreamed about offering kimono robes to the modern woman, they thought about the styles and features that might mean the most to her. They saw the modern woman as someone who is always on the go, but who also deserves time to slow down and find herself. They saw her and someone who is searching, a seeker, a passionate advocate, and a forever student. They saw a woman who sits at the center of her family — helping to guide her children, helping to support her parents, and being the go-to support system for the overall health of the people she loves the most. And in imagining this modern woman with so much strength and capacity, they also recognized how much that same woman needs support herself. So when they created their kimono robes, from plus size silk robes to black floral kimono wraps, they created each design element thinking about what would serve this woman the most.

They saw the modern woman as someone who deserves elegance as much as she requires functionality. They saw her as someone who thrives with both beauty and practicality. They wanted to give her something she felt confident in, and more than anything else: they wanted her to feel seen. That’s why whenever we’ve asked for feedback about our handcrafted kimono robes, whether for the launch of our plus size kimono robe collection or the additional features in our floral kimono wraps, we have always taken your feedback to heart.

In today’s journal, we’re sharing just a few of the kimono robe design inspiration, features, and styles that have been added with you in mind. You are the reason behind all that we do — your strength, your beauty, your kindness, deserves to be honored and your everyday deserves to be elevated. With these features in our collection of kimono robes and wraps, we hope that you feel heard, seen, and appreciated.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Pockets in Our Kimono Wraps

Perhaps the biggest request we’ve gotten through our entire history has been: please add pockets! So we dove into research and development right away. One priority to us is our signature swaying design — the ability of the one size and plus size kimono robes to naturally and effortlessly flow with you as you walk. Pockets seemed to obstruct that key signature feature, so we continued to work with our materials and designs to find a solution. The result? We added pockets to our entire Kimono Wrap Collection. Whether you’re choosing a short kimono wrap or a long black floral kimono wrap, you’ll enjoy the functionality of side seam pockets constructed into the double lined charmeuse wrap. With this double lined design, the side seam pocket beautifully folds into the design, allowing you to have a functional pocket for whatever you need, without sacrificing the sway and flow our signature drape.

Plus Size Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Lack of Shoulder Seams for Unique Fit

You are unique, and your body is unlike anyone else’s. For this reason, we wanted to make the fit of our kimono robes as effortless as possible. Our one size and plus size silk robes feature no shoulder seams. This allows an easy drape for the many differences in shoulder breadth. You won’t get stuck in shoulder seams that can be too tight or too high or too low. The T-cut kimono shape is a gorgeous look that also accommodates any body shape. We love the look in our plus size kimono robes as much as our one size pieces. Everyone’s unique body shape can fit into this seamless shoulder design.

Plus Size Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Side Slits to Sway This Way

The aforementioned sway and drape is also aided by each kimono robe's side slits! Whether it’s a plus size silk robe or a black kimono wrap, each of our pieces has a side slit to allow the kimono robe to sway with you as you walk. This helps avoid the feeling of getting caught up in your kimono robe. It also allows the materials to have a more fluid drape that flows with the curves of your body. Quick Tip: Each one size and plus size kimono robe will come with a temporary stitch at the side slits. This is only a temporary stitch to help it lay flat during shipment, so be sure to carefully snip that off before wearing!

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Inner Ties for Added Security

The material of our one size and plus size silk kimono robes and charmeuse kimono wraps is so soft, smooth, and luxurious. So as it drapes across your body, we have two ways to secure it into place. The outer sash can be used to secure it, and the inner ties are added for an additional layer of security. You can tie the inner tie into a bow, double knot the sash, and be sure that your silky floral robe will still feel like you’re wrapped up in a cloud.

Plus Size Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
The Beauty of Our Plus Size Silk Robes

Our plus size kimono robe collection is truly one of our favorite additions to our offerings. It is created for those who typically wear a plus size silk robe and those who would prefer to have a little extra room while they’re lounging around their house. Whether it’s a charmeuse or printed silk or washable silk material, our plus size kimono robes offer every body the luxurious feeling of confidence, softness, and beautiful modern designs. You asked for Curve, and we were so excited to bring it. We are always adding to our plus size kimono robes in line with demand, so don’t hesitate to let us know what else you’d like to see in that collection! We want everyone to feel beautiful, celebrated, and confident in their own skin.

We hope this helps give you some insight and background on just how much these design details are created with you in our minds first and foremost. You can always reach out to us at with more thoughts, and we’ll be oh so happy to keep on creating with you in mind.

Creative Process Kimono Wrap Plus Size Kimono Robe Washable Silk

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