From Kimono Robes to Community, an Open Letter to You

To our KIM+ONO community,

At the end of each year, we love to reflect with gratitude on where we’ve been and pour all of our good intentions to where we’re going. And if there’s one thing we know for sure: the road from here to there is nothing without you, our customers and community.

We’ve had an amazing year of growth and change, of learning more about what we love and staying rooted with our foundational inspirations. The KIM+ONO community knows that our foundational inspirations are firmly planted in heritage, art, craftsmanship, and most of all, you! Those inspirations aren’t just something we think about it when crafting our kimono robes, but they’re something we act upon throughout every facet of our business. You, the modern woman, are our biggest source of creative inspiration. Here’s where you have inspired us the most this year:

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Jacket
Photo by Maria Del Rio
You Asked for a Kimono Jacket and You Got It

We made something for you! You told us you loved your kimono robes but were looking to expand your wardrobe with a kimono jacket, so we knew we had to create it. Our Peony & Butterfly Kimono Jacket takes one of our most popular kimono robe designs, with its classic design and modern jewel toned colors, and made a kimono jacket that you can wear with ease. The length hits at the hips, so whether you’re pairing it with jeans or a short dress, you have a swoon-worthy sway for every outfit.

Tamiko Kimono Robe
Photo by Victoria Bonvinci via @thekatiestevens
You’ve Made the Bridesmaid Kimono Robe a Unique Expression

You have taken the bridesmaid kimono robe to a whole new level, lovelies. We’ve seen you pick out your favorite kimono robes for your whole bridal party to match, and we’ve seen you mix and match to use your bridesmaid kimono robes as accent colors to your big day. You’ve shared with us some of the most amazing photos of your big day. And every time we see you wearing your kimono robes on your wedding day, our hearts do a little flutter. It is so meaningful for us to be a small part of your big day. We hope each time you slip on your kimono robe, you remember that beautiful day and all the love that surrounded you then and always.

Mio Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Your Quest for Balance Helped Inspire our Modern Abstract Kimono Robes

We hear you when you talk about wanting to balance your life between work and play. With all the things the modern woman has on her list—family, work, friendships, giving back, self care—finding a rhythm that works for you can be a challenge. We hope our kimono robes help to bring some of that balance into your life, and this year, we were inspired by that quest when we made our Modern Abstract Collection. The kimono patterns in this collection have minimal designs that create space between the modern botanicals to build a sense of ease. Whenever you slip into the kimono patterns on these pieces, we want you to take a deep breath and feel connected to your sense of self love and inner peace. We know how hard you work, and our newest kimono patterns honor the space for time and reflection we know you deserve.

KIM+ONO at Create & Cultivate
Photo by @9to5chic
At Community Events, We’ve Connected with Your Stories

We’ve had the absolute pleasure this year of connecting with you IRL. Although we love seeing your kimono style on Instagram (never stop tagging us!), there’s nothing quite like giving you a hug and a hello in person. We connected with you at Create & Cultivate, MOTHER Market, and so many in-store wellness and self care events. Our kimono store has been a happy home for our community of self care seekers of every background. Keep an eye out for more community events in 2020. And if you think our corner of San Francisco might be a good spot for your next book signing, women’s group gathering, or launch party, reach out to us! We love to host like-minded people and support our community coming together over shared values of inclusion, empowerment, and personal growth.

And the ways in which we were inspired this past year are certainly pouring into 2020. Your feedback is always helping us inform our next steps and offerings. So here’s a sneak peek of where we’re going:

Plus Size Kimono Robes
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
A Plus Size Kimono Robe Line is Coming

You heard it hear first, lovelies! We have been in research and development of our brand new plus size kimono robe collection. You have asked and we have answered. We’re so excited to bring you the kimono robes that you know and love in larger sizing options. Our plus size kimono robe line is not yet available, and while we don’t have a date set for launch, you will be the first to know about it if you’re signed up for our VIP list here. Have more suggestions for our offerings? You can always email us your ideas (or leave them below in the comments!) and we’ll be happy to consider them for future development.

KIM+ONO Kimono Store
Photo by Fashion Mamas
We’ll Continue to Bring the Community Together in our Kimono Store and Beyond

Empowering each other to live our best and most authentic lives is a continual mission, and in 2020, we’re looking forward to even more opportunities to do just that. We look forward to all the events already lined up for 2020 in store, and out in the community. Being with you in person is one of our greatest joys. We love to hear your stories, your desires, your ambitions, and your hopes. And we hope that our kimono store, whether you stop in for a chat, or wearing your kimono robe brings you a deep breath and clear focus, does a little bit to help you reach your goals.

We can’t say thank you enough for an incredible 2019 and hope to build even bigger, better, and more meaningful opportunities to connect in the new year. Whether you found us online, at an event, or through our social media, we’re so glad you’re here. You are the beating heart behind our brand and we couldn’t be more honored to serve you as you add a little more luxury to your every day in 2020.

Happy Holidays and Warmest Wishes to you and yours, lovelies!


Tiffany and Renee

Co-founders of KIM+ONO

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