5 Ways to Show Yourself Self Care When It Doesn't Come Naturally

It’s the season of love! We have love for our partners, love for our friends, for our family, our community, and hopefully most of all, ourselves. There are countless calls for self care and self love during this time of year. While there are plenty of suggestions and tons of advice on self care and self love, enacting self care can be incredibly tricky to actually do. When it comes to slowing down and caring for ourselves, it can feel almost impossible. Perhaps it’s the sort of thing that doesn’t even cross your mind. Or maybe you know you want to take more care of yourself, especially around Valentine’s Day, but you just don’t even know what might make you feel good. Or perhaps you do know, but it’s an uncomfortable feeling to spend time and resources on yourself when there are so many other people to take care of in your life.


Whatever the reason, if self care doesn’t come naturally, we completely understand. That’s part of the reason that co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, created their silky floral robes. They wanted every person to be able to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. They wanted to offer a little extra luxury and self care to the ordinary moments of your everyday life. If you aren’t intentional with building those moments in, they are very easily caste to the wayside. So today in the journal, we’re exploring five ways to show yourself self care when it doesn’t come naturally. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you need just yet. Scan our list below of five ways to show yourself self care and see what stands out to you. There’s no time like Valentine’s Day to give yourself a little extra love. Learn how to practice self care with our ideas below.


Silk Keina Kimono Robe
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What Are the Items or Experiences on Your Wish List?

Everyone has an abandoned cart or lingering wish list somewhere! If that’s you, you might discover some more about yourself by taking a close look at it. Are you looking for some comfort because you have a white silky robe lingering in your cart? Maybe your white silky robe is actually telling you that you want to wrap up in a little extra luxury and create meaningful moments throughout your day. Whether you scoop up that white silky robe or not, how can you bring a little more luxury into your life? What makes you feel special? What gives you a little confidence boost? Give yourself one of those items or experiences this self care Valentine’s Day as an act of self love.


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Learn From the Moments that Bring You Peace

Think about the moments where you can slow down and really feel at peace. What’s happening during those moments for you? Is it a sensory feeling like wrapping up in your favorite plus size silk robe that fits you like a glove? Is it being with friends and family to unwind? Or is it even giving yourself a little alone time? No matter what brings you peace, a beautiful gift to give yourself this Valentine’s Day is a little extra peace. So whether you’re draping a plus size silk robe around your shoulders or taking an afternoon off for a solo walk in some nature, giving yourself a sense of peace is a great way to show yourself self care.


Gua Sha Tool - Large
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Figure Out What Helps You Sleep

Part of being well is being rested. Because hustle culture can feel like it holds onto us and doesn’t let go, it’s as important as ever to lean into rest. So when looking for a way to show yourself some self love and self care, one quick and easy way to tune into yourself is to figure out what helps you sleep. Maybe you really benefit from an evening routine of using gua sha tools to calm down your skin. Maybe you need a cup of tea or a good book to really start to feel rested. Whatever the item or whatever the vibe, give yourself more of that during Valentine’s Day this year. And make it even more special than usual — pick out a gua sha tool set that feels amazing on your skin, and purchase the loose leaf tea that you normally wouldn’t splurge on. Get the hardcover version of your favorite book! Whatever you do to rest, lean in and let yourself feel rest come over your body.


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Notice What Nourishes You

According to the dictionary, to nourish means to “provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.” In modern culture, we can take “other substances” to mean so many things – from friendships to fresh air to a silky floral robe to literally anything that gives you the feeling of “good condition”. This Valentine’s Day, give yourself something that helps you grow. Whether you slip into a silky floral robe or an extra session of therapy, give yourself the self love that helps you to grow into more and more of yourself. 


Silk Keina Kimono Robe (Plus)
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Make It a Point to Laugh

Sometimes self love can feel so serious! It becomes another thing we have to “get right” but self love and self care can also feel a lot like levity. How can you be lighter? How can you find a little fun throughout your day? Maybe you head out to a comedy show this Valentine’s Day or huddle up with your girlfriends at happy hour. Drape your favorite silky floral robe around your shoulders, pair it with jeans and a tee, and head out for some good old fashioned fun — you deserve it, this holiday and always.


However you’re spending your Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re spending it giving yourself some self love and self care that you deserve. All of our silky floral robes were designed with just that intention in mind. We hope that no matter what you do during the season of love, you’re including yourself in the care and intention of it all.

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