5 Ways to Unwind Between the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing. With it comes the rush of activities, the long list of holiday to-dos, the exciting events with friends and family, and what feels like a non-stop go go go push right through the end of the year! Is that how you’re feeling too? Well if so, you’re not alone. There are so many things we look forward to during this time, from the old traditions to the new, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make us the slightest bit tired!

Now that Thanksgiving has ended and Christmas is on its way, we know there is ever more to do, but on our to-do list, we’re also putting: self care. Finding time to unwind and take a deep breath is one of the most important things we can do to make sure our stamina stays up through the holiday season. Sometimes slowing down is the best thing we can do for ourselves (and our to-do lists!). So slip into your favorite silky floral robe, pour your favorite drink, and read on for ways that you can unwind between the holidays, get your rest, and make sure you have the endurance to not just survive, but thrive through the end of the year! Read 5 ways to prioritize self-care during the holidays below.

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Protect One Day a Week

It may sound simple, but if you can keep one day a week free from commitments on your calendar, that’s one way to reset yourself and stay grounded each and every week. And even though it’s simple — it may not be easy! Events for school, work, family, and friends will all come up and ask for your time. Make sure you mark off at least 4-5 days during the month of December where there’s nothing scheduled at all. Whether you spend those days lounging in your black floral kimono robe late into the afternoon, or turn it into a productive house-cleaning spree — the point is not what you do with it, but that you have it. Even mentally, to know that you have a day without commitments at least once a week is a powerful and energizing thing.

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Pick Out the Perfect Night Time Read

Everyone knows we should put our phones away at night, but it’s hard to just get rid of something instead of replacing it with something else. So unwind every day during this holiday season by finding the perfect night time read. Slip into your long kimono robe after your gua sha tool skincare routine, tuck yourself into bed, and find the book that will keep you off the bright lights of your phone. Maybe that’s a best-selling fiction novel, a self-help book, a guide to tarot, or even a biography of your favorite artist. Whatever compels you to read instead of scroll is going to go a long way from unwinding you from the day. And as we know (from both research and our own lived experiences), it’s important to unwind each and every day and not just wait for one perfect moment or vacation. So there’s a new chance every night to wind down, feel the soft silky floral robe around your shoulders, and let them drop into a state of absolute relaxation.

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Center Your Mind Once a Day

It’s easy for our minds to spiral with the responsibilities of the season. From holiday to shopping, to events, to birthdays, to traveling, to end of year tasks at work, there seems to be something urgent pulling our focus and attention every day. So it’s never been more important than during this time between holidays to center your mind at least once a day. Perhaps you slip into your long kimono robe first thing in the morning to meditate; or maybe you simply take a five minute break from work to do some breathing exercises. Whatever you choose, take at least 60 seconds each day to center your thoughts and allow your mind to relax. 

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Give Yourself Something Warm and Nourishing to Drink

That’s right! Sometimes a sensory experience is all you need to feel your body and mind unwind. We love to suggest wearing your silky floral robes of course, but you can bring nourishment and care to your senses in so many ways. One way is to drink something warm and delicious. Whether that’s coffee, tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, or even a steaming hot cup of water with delicious lemon and honey, find a nourishing warm drink to make you feel taken care of from the inside out. As the weather gets colder, even bone broth can be a delicious mid-afternoon treat to boost your energy levels and give you the sense of self care. These small sensory pleasures seem small, but they add up throughout your day, making you feel like you can release a little stress and step into the present moment.

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Bring Back the Bath

While we have always advocated for a night time bath routine, never is there a better time than during the holidays to step in for a soak. Light your favorite candles, turn down the lights, read your favorite book, or just float a little bit in the bubbles. You can add bath salts, bubbles, your favorite scented bath bomb, and more to make your experience a little more luxurious. Once you get out of the bath, don’t open the door yet! Wrap up in your washable silk black floral kimono robe, take our your favorite gua sha tool, and give yourself an extra five minutes to help rejuvenate your skin. If you do this only once a week, it’s a beautiful thing to look forward to and to help you feel re-connected to yourself as you wind down and let your mind and body come to a rest.

However you wind down this holiday season, make sure you do! You deserve all the excitement of the holidays as well as all of the comfort and peace. We hope you enjoyed our holiday self-care ideas. Let yourself find those moments every day and every week, as much as you can, and you’ll find even more joy this holiday season.

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