Take Our Quiz: Are You Team Pockets or Team No Pockets?

When you choose a flower kimono robe to wear, you’re not just choosing a piece of clothing. You’re choosing an identity marker. You’re picking out a long kimono robe that will make you feel confident in your skin, and more like you. You’re choosing a look to make you breathe easier and sway through your day a little lighter. So every detail of the design is a way to reaffirm who you are and how you feel. 

Jia Kimono Wrap
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From the edge of the kimono sleeve to the bottom of the hem, your women’s and men’s kimono robes are designed with you in mind. We consider what you want and what you’ve asked for in every step of the design process. For a few years, many of our customers have been asking us to add pockets to our women's kimono robe collection. You asked, and we listened. That’s why now all of our flower kimono wraps now have pockets! But we also know that there are quite a few of you who don’t want kimono robes with pockets. And even still, there are some of you who love the beauty of both pockets and no pockets. Just like you, your flower kimono robe style is unique. So this week in the journal, we’re diving head first into back-t–school mode and we’re having a little fun with a little quiz to find out if you skew more toward Team Pockets or Team No Pockets. It’s a quiz you can’t fail! Simply choose A or B and tally them up to see which option wins for you!

Here’s the quiz:

Do you have to have your phone on you at all times?

A: Without a doubt

B: No, I try to take breaks


Which do you prefer more in your kimono robe:

A: A heavier weight

B: Sleekness


If you had to pick a self care day, which would you choose:

A: Heading out for dinner with my best friends

B: Staying at home and reading a good book


Is it easy to lose things like your headphones or car keys?

A: Always, without fail

B: Never, I have a system


Do you prefer Charmeuse or Silk?

A: Charmeuse

B: Silk


When wearing your kimono robe, would you rather feel:

A: Dialed in and powerful

B: Free and easy


How would your best friend describe you?

A: Enthusiastic

B: Peaceful


If you scored mostly As, you’re Team Pockets!

If you scored mostly Bs, you’re Team No Pockets!

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo
The Benefits of Pockets in Your Long Kimono Wrap

If you’re Team Pockets — or Team Pockets-curious! — then you know that having a pocket in your floral black kimono wrap can be a game changer when going out. You can slip your long kimono wrap over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and instantly you have a lightweight jacket where you can store your keys and phone. When you’re on the go, but still want to feel unencumbered, these side seam pockets are perfect for maintaining the fluid drape of the double lined flower kimono wrap, and simultaneously keeping all those very important items close by your side. Our male customers have fallen in love with our men’s kimono wraps as well. They are bold statements, trimmed in velvet, double lined in our silk-alternative fabrics, and made to be as functional as they are sophisticated. In every single one of the pieces in our Wrap Collection, from our long kimono wraps to our men’s kimono wraps, you’ll have the usefulness of pockets right alongside the beauty and symbolism of our modern designs. They are the perfect addition for jet-setters and weekend wanderers alike.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
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The Benefits of No Pockets in Your Flower Kimono Robes

While our wraps boast the elegant functionality of pockets, our silk flower kimono robes highlight the ease and simplicity of having no pockets! Having no pockets makes it easier to disconnect from all those little items that might make us feel weighed down: our phone, our keys, our kids’ snacks. The reason we haven’t incorporated pockets into these short and long kimono robes is to maintain the integrity of the fluid drape for our single layer designs. With our wraps, the double lining gives us extra wiggle room to create a side seam pocket without interfering with the fluidity of our liquid drape. But in these single layer pieces, the elegance is in the simplicity. You can wear your silk long kimono robe inside or outside, but we love to suggest lounging in silk when you need a little self care and self-reflective you time. You do so much for everyone else, let your long kimono robe be just for you.

Jia Kimono Robe Collection
Photo by Ashley Streff
How to Choose Your Perfect Pocket/No Pocket Combination

If you just can’t choose between teams, we understand. You love options. And we don’t blame you! So how do you figure out the perfect pocket and no pocket kimono robe combo for all your styling needs? We’ve got you covered. First, pick out your favorite flower kimono wrap. Choose a design and color that you would love to wear over a variety of outfits — casual, date night, wedding guest, weekend brunch — you name it, your long kimono wrap can dress it up. Then choose a beautiful floral kimono robe (without pockets) whose design has deep symbolism for you. Perhaps you go with the cherry blossom for renewal, or the lotus for enlightenment. Whatever energy you crave, there is a beautiful and symbolic women’s or men’s kimono robe with just the right feel. And that’s it! The best way to choose is to know how you’re going to wear each beautiful work of art and then follow your intuition.

Do you love the utility of your pockets? Are you obsessed with the liquid drape of your silk kimono robe? Show us on social! Tag us at @kimandono_ so we can see and celebrate your style.

No matter if you’re Team Pockets or Team No Pockets, we love you with equal fervor! Keep those suggestions coming, and remember that each and every kimono robe is designed and handcrafted with you in mind.

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