Self Care Gifts for the Holidays: Our 2021 Holiday Kimono Robe Gift Guide

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it, lovely? The team at KIM+ONO has been celebrating and sharing our gratitude all season long. As we look around, the holidays don’t look completely the same as they did in years past, but we still have so much to be grateful for: our health, our families, and our friends. If you’re like us, you’re taking stock of what—and more importantly, who—is the most important in your life. And since it’s the holidays, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the friends and family you adore. This year has been challenging for everyone, and that’s why a gift of self care is just the happy little surprise that could make your friends’ and families’ days. While we are busy taking care of each other, getting the kids to school (or staying home and teaching them), getting everything done at work (from the office or your kitchen table), and getting the house safe and clean to keep everyone healthy, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Chances are you know someone who fits that description perfectly, and a beautiful way to celebrate them and say thank you for all they do is to gift them some self care this holiday!

At KIM+ONO, our philosophy is simple: we make these handcrafted kimono robes to elevate your everyday. Each time you slip into one of our pieces, where they are plus size kimono robes or kimono wraps, we want the wearer to feel a sense of peace and calm. These duster kimono robes are self care you can wear. And with our variety of collections, materials, lengths, designs, and colors, you may be wondering where to start. Well, we’ve got you covered, lovely. Today on the journal, we’re breaking down our favorite self care gifts for the holiday with our KIM+ONO Holiday Kimono Robe Gift Guide for every one of your loved ones. Take a look below and find something special for someone who deserves a little self care this season:

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo: @therealseraphine
For the Always On-the-Go Friend

One of our most popular collections is our kimono wraps! With a double layer of charmeuse, velvet trim on the cuffs and collar, and striking, bold designs, these pieces are absolute head turners. They are perfect for everyone because they seamlessly transition from at-home loungewear to on-the-go statement piece. This is the best gift of self care for your friend who can’t stop (even during a challenging year!) and loves to get up and go. Our short kimono wraps can serve as lightweight jackets with pockets (the longer length do not have pockets). Remind your friend that whether she’s busy or relaxing, she’s always beautiful with a stunning kimono wrap.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by @stephaweizman
For the Selfless Mama You Love

Whether it’s your mama, your sister, or your best friend, give the mama in your life the luxury she deserves and a reminder that she needs a little bit of self care every day with our Washable Silk Collection. This beautiful collection was inspired by our co-founders’ and sisters’ own lives. Tiffany and Renee Tam aren’t just entrepreneurs, they’re mothers, too—making them the ultimate multi-taskers. These washable silk kimono robes are perfect for busy mamas because they have the softness and luxuriousness of silk, but the durability to withstand a gentle wash in cold water on the delicate cycle and hung to dry. Just because she’s got her kids around her at all times, doesn’t mean she doesn’t still deserve a little silk!

Maren Kimono Robe
Photo by Miranda Taylor De Lay
For the Hardest Worker You Know

When your friend is working so very hard, it is so very easy for her to forget to build in a little self care to her routine. So this holiday, give the hardest worker you know a reason to slow down with some of our favorite wellness tools. She can slip into her silk kimono robe and wind down at the end of her long and busy day with our Gua Sha tools and Facial Rollers. And if she’s not sure how to use them, we partnered with @gofitjo to share a wonderful (and quick!) tutorial on how these beautiful tools work.

Curve Plus Size Washable Silk Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
For Your Very Best Friend

What to give someone you love like a sister or brother? Gift them our fan favorite Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe. This is by far one of our most popular, and quickest selling designs. With gorgeous, rich colors, and a modern design inspired by vintage Asian art, this style is a wonderful gift for your most favorite friend. But the most amazing thing about this design is that it comes across four of our collections! Whether your friend needs a plus size kimono robe, a plus size washable silk kimono robe, a washable silk kimono robe, or a charmeuse kimono robe — we’ve got the option for them. No matter how they wear this design, whether it’s a plus size kimono robe or a washable silk kimono robe, the design flows effortlessly into their everyday wardrobe with materials that are soft, luxurious, and able to be washed at home.

Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
For the Friend Who Loves Art

For your artistically inclined friend, there is a special way to give self care this season, with our handpainted pieces! Find a duster kimono robe that wraps them in the luxury of silk combined with the handcrafted, handpainted design for a piece of wearable art. These pieces are so special that customers have even decorated their homes with them! Whether you hang it off the back of your closet door, or gently drape it over an armchair, these beautiful handpainted pieces bring the heritage and history of the traditional kimono into a modern robe design. Each one of these silk kimono robes takes seven days to create from start to finish, first sketched by hand, then saturated in rich watercolors using a traditional paintbrush. You can see more behind-the-scenes with our team of artisans and how we make these pieces here.

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe

For the Friend Who Loves Dressing Like a Celebrity

And finally, give something to your friend who likes to have a little extra fun! This is your friend who loves recreating celebrity looks within their own wardrobe. This past year, Gwen Stefani wore this dynamic Peony & Bird Kimono Robe as she was getting dressed for her wedding day — your friend can recreate that sophisticated, elegant look for everyday lounging, or their very special upcoming event by slipping into this beautiful kimono duster. Check out our entire press page to see how celebrities, TV shows, and people you know are wearing our pieces and gift your friend something to make her feel like the star she is.

This holiday season, remind those you love to take care of themselves. And don’t forget about yourself, lovely! Remember to take some time out to breathe deeply, practice self care, and feel as beautiful as you truly are. You deserve it.

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