Kimono Robes and Community at Create & Cultivate

If you were anywhere near San Francisco on September 21st, you may have felt the energy radiating out of SVN West. It’s where Create & Cultivate led their latest “conference for women looking to create and cultivate the career of their dreams.” Our team was absolutely thrilled to be a part of the incredible event. With vendors ranging from fashion to beauty, a community of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, and more beautiful florals and design inspiration than we’ve ever seen, the Create & Cultivate in San Francisco was truly one for the books.

KIM+ONO co-founders, Tiffany and Renee Tam

When they started their business, sisters and co-founders Tiffany and Renee Tam had you, the modern woman, in mind. From designs to fabrics to branding, the Tam sisters weren’t just creating women’s kimono robes, they set out to create a community. The community they hoped to build, from their online shop to their kimono store in San Francisco’s Chinatown, was founded on the belief that women should be able to bring a little luxury into their everyday. Being both mothers and entrepreneurs, Tiffany and Renee know what it’s like to crave balance. So each of the products they’ve designed strives to bring you back to balance, ground you in the present moment, and inspire you to breathe just a little bit deeper.

With such an alignment in mission between KIM+ONO and Create & Cultivate, it was a whirlwind of good energy all day long. Here are some of our best takeaways from an event powered by the modern woman and designed for the modern woman:

KIM+ONO, Kimono Store
From Kimono Style to Work Style, Finding Your Voice

Part of the reason we love kimono robes is that everyone’s kimono style is different. Each piece can be worn inside or outside a million different ways. It’s as unique and beautiful as you are. That sentiment was echoed again and again over the course of the day. Tiffany noted, “There were so many empowering speakers! One of the quotes that really resonated with me was from Cindy Eckert: 'Speak up, stand up, & lock arms with other women who share your passion.' It was a reminder that we each have our own voice, and need to use it. Us women have to stick together to support each other. We are strong, beautiful, badass women!”

Along with owning your strength comes finding the balance that needs to come in equal force. Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is ask for help. Renee shares, “This event taught me how to have better communication with my husband, Chris, and that it’s okay to ask him for help! As a working mom, it can be so difficult to figure out life balance and I would always feel guilty if I didn’t take on home tasks and then I’d end up taking on more than I could handle.” This is partly why we designed women’s kimono robes with you in mind — we know how hard you work and know you deserve a little bit of luxury at the end of the day.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Maren Kerchief Scarf
KIM+ONO Facial Rollers
Kimono Wraps, Determination, Community

One of the main pulls for us to be part of this incredible event was getting to interact with you! We loved meeting our customers, hearing from inspiring panels of businesswomen, and listening to your own stories of growth and accomplishment. Renee noted, “Everyone in the community of women gathered at the event shared a similar story and the same determination to accomplish their dreams.” This energy was palpable when a customer came in searching for a kimono wrap to add to her collection. Tiffany recalls, “She told us that she had purchased one of our kimono robes before, and wore it during pregnancy, in the hospital when she gave birth, and then used it for nursing. She said, every time she was wearing it, it made her feel beautiful and serene, like she was at the spa.” She might have come in looking for the kimono wrap, but she left having inspired our whole booth. Renee adds, “We had quite a few customers who told us how fabulous the kimono robes make them feel. We felt so much gratitude that the product we’ve created has made them feel beautiful.”

KIM+ONO at Create & Cultivate
Photo by @createcultivate
The Final Takeaways for the Kimono Store, Online Shop, and More…

Hearing other stories of entrepreneurs and their small, women-led businesses gave our team endless inspiration to carry us through the end of the year. Renee was blown away by Cindy Eckert’s panel because of “her story of determination (she went through so many hurdles) and her passion to help female entrepreneurs, as she's now a VC for other women in her community.” For Tiffany, the quote that stuck out the most was from Jenna Dewan: “Be you, everyone wants to see you.” For Tiffany this, “inspired me to be true to myself, and gave me a clearer perspective of my mission for KO. To be more transparent, share our story, and to help others.” And there’s so much more to come on that front, from creating community at our kimono store to other exciting initiatives we have planned, our sense of purpose and dedication to you, the modern woman, was only strengthened at this event.

Tiffany Tam of KIM+ONO
Videos by @mastercard
Our Vision for Women’s Kimono Robes

We were absolutely floored by the magical energy that was transcending through everyone at the Create & Cultivate conference. It was powerful to see the connection between women who share the same passion all in one place. For our team at KIM+ONO, we are so excited to continue on our mission of elevating your every day. From events at our kimono store to celebrating your kimono style online, we see you for who you are — strong, beautiful, and powerful. We hope every women’s kimono robe you wear reminds you of that.

Have you stopped into our store in San Francisco’s Chinatown yet? Swing by and say hello, we’re open every day of the week! Not so close to California? No problem. Check out our Instagram feed and see how other people are styling their kimono robes, drop us a line, and stay up to date with all the ways we’re bringing a little more luxury to your every day.

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  • Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and for sharing our pieces with your whole family! Hope you all wear them in good health and for years to come. Can’t wait for you to come back in and see us when we make it through this challenging time — which we will! Sending lots of love and gratitude!

    Courtney on
  • When you first opened I bought kimonos for my family-3 granddaughters, 2daughters in law and me! Jeans, pumps, and awesome kimono means a cool new fashion!

    Have told everyone about your store…Can hardly wait to see scarves…after the virus is over. ❤️♥️🌸Susan Ashley

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