8 Ways to Wear Our Signature Kerchief Scarf

While we love a head-turning floral kimono robe as a statement piece, there is one piece of clothing that’s a close second. And that is a beautiful statement scarf. A statement scarf is confident, beautiful, and bold. It’s femine, delicate, and soft while bringing a strong sartorial sensibility to any look. It dresses up or dresses down your look with versatility and never-ending ways to wear it.

While you are surely well acquainted with our beautiful floral kimono robes that come in silk and charmeuse materials, you may be less familiar with our signature kerchief scarves. The scarves come in charmeuse and washable silk so they can be easily laundered at home without worrying about needing to dry clean them. They are a beautiful complement to your kimono bathrobes, whether you’re staying in or headed out. And the best thing about these signature kerchief scarves is that they can be worn an endless amount of ways. So this week in the journal, we’re sharing just eight ways to wear our signature kerchief scarf and bring your kimono fashion to a whole new level. Learn how to wear a kerchief scarf below.

KIM+ONO Signature Kerchief Scarf | @yoonjijang

Photo by @yoonjijang

1. Tie Your Beautiful Floral Kimono Scarf Around Your Neck

We love this very 1950s-inspired look and you will too! The beautiful designs from our charmeuse to washable silk scarves offer a modern feel with a soft color palette that make a neck tie a gentle addition to your wardrobe. We love to pair this with something simple like a t-shirt to dress up your traveling about town look. Or, you can create an equally beautiful look by tying this around your neck when wearing your favorite little black dress. If you’ve stopped into our kimono store, you’ve seen our associates and floor models showing just how beautiful this can be as a neck tie, and it’s a great little addition to your everyday looks!

KIM+ONO Signature Kerchief Scarf | @yoonjijang
Photo by @yoonjijang


2. Give Your Ponytail a Boost

A ponytail is a classic look that gets even more flirty and feminine with a beautiful silk floral scarf tied around it. We suggest wrapping it around your hair tie and creating a knot that allows the soft charmeuse or washable silk to gentle hang with your long ponytail. Or, you can always go full bow! Tie your kerchief scarf into a bow for the ultimate flirty look.

KIM+ONO Signature Kerchief Scarf | @yoonjijang
Photo by @yoonjijang


3. Bring a Little Luxury to Your Face Mask

While we wade through the “new normal” of masking up, your kerchief scarf can actually be a pretty way to stay masked when needed! Simply fold it across to make a triangle, take the longer lengths and tie them behind your head. It’s an easy way to wear a face mask when you feel like you need just a little bit extra coverage. When you’re not wearing it as a mask, the charmeuse or washable silk scarves look beautiful dropped around your neck like a loose bandana. 

KIM+ONO Signature Kerchief Scarf | @yoonjijang

Photo by @yoonjijang

4. A 1970s Inspired Bandana

These beautiful kerchief scarves have the same designs as some of our most popular kimono bathrobes — floral patterns that are designed for the modern woman. They’re full of symbolism and intricate Chinese aesthetic details of contrast and depth. So a great way to show off that work of art? Wrap your kerchief scarf into a 1970s-inspired bandana! Again fold the kerchief scarf in half and place it on top of your head. Bring the two ends of the triangle underneath your hair to tie into a knot. It’s a great look to show off the designs of your beloved floral kimono robes.

KIM+ONO Signature Maren Kerchief Scarf


5. Wear a Washable Silk Headband

Another sweet way to wear these charmeuse and washable silk scarves is by creating a headband out of them! The beauty of the charmeuse and washable silk is that you can wash them at home in cold water in the delicate cycle and hang them to dry. So no need to dry clean them just because you’ve adorned your locks with a gorgeous silk headband! To create the headband, fold the scarf in half into a triangle. Then roll it from one side to the next. Place the side with the point onto your head, tie the two ends underneath your hair, and voila! A beautiful headband.

KIM+ONO Signature Kerchief Scarf | @yoonjijang

Photo by @yoonjijang


6. Create a Floral Kimono Top Out of Your Scarf

If you fold the square into a triangle, you can make a cute little floral kimono top out of the scarf by tying it at your back. We love this look with some high-waisted pants that flow and sway just like your washable silk scarf. It’s also a great look over a bathing suit when you’re wandering around a boardwalk or jet-setting somewhere beautiful and warm.

KIM+ONO Signature Kerchief Scarf | @yoonjijang

Photo by @yoonjijang


7. Make a Bandeau Top from Your Scarf

Just like creating the floral kimono top, you can also make a beautiful bandeau top. To do so, simple take kerchief scarf, fold it in half, and then bring those two end pieces to the front. Tie a tight and secure bow right in the middle of your chest and adjust for comfort. This could be such a sweet look under an oversized open button down shirt and wide legged high-waited pants.

KIM+ONO Signature Kerchief Scarf
Photo by Miranda Taylor De Lay


8. Tie it Around Your Tote for a Fancy Everyday Look

And last but not least, tie this around your tote bag to elevate your everyday bag look! If you’re swinging into your kimono store, heading to brunch with friends, or simply taking a stroll around the block, tying this kerchief scarf around the handle of your tote brings a little extra interest and effect to your already perfect bag.

Don’t stop there! What are some other ways you like to wear your kerchief scarf? What we love so much about these charmeuse and washable silk scarves is that they are so very versatile. The possibilities only stop with your imagination. So tell us in the comments how you like to wear yours! And don’t forget to tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can see your unique scarf styles and celebrate the work of art that you truly are!

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