5 Tips to Bring Extra Warmth to Your Home During the Winter

In the northern hemisphere, we are smack dab in the middle of winter. It’s cold and blustery in many places, and although we’ve had hints of spring here and there, a big snowstorm seems only one forecast away. While we may be ready for the warmth and rejuvenation of spring, we’re still a bit hunkered down in the cold hibernation of winter.

Whether you’re in a warmer or colder climate, February can tend to have a bit of a stuck feel to it. We’re not at the beginning of the winter where the holidays and celebrations are on their way. And we’re not at the end of the winter where spring is bringing in a freshness and revitalization of how we feel. February can be a tough month for a lot of people. So today in the journal, we want to explore how to bring extra warmth to your month — figuratively and literally! These are just a few ways to improve your mood to feel uplifted and rejuvenated through the last few dark days of winter and know that every day is a moment to renew yourself. 

At KIM+ONO, the sensory experience is always an important one to us. Each of our silk robes is handcrafted with 100% Mulberry silk that makes you feel as beautiful as you look. That’s because we know that how you feel can impact your day in a positive way. We want you to feel like the best version of you each time you slip into your favorite floral kimono robe, and we can use that guiding principle to surround ourselves with other sensory experiences to brighten up these dark winter days. So read along for a handful of cozy winter ideas to take your senses on a journey this month and bring the warmth of the coming spring to every moment of your day!

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
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Make a Meal That Fills You Up

Food has such an amazing ability to change our moods. More than just filling up our hunger, the act of preparing food can be almost meditative if you’re in the mindset for it. Our suggestion? Slip into your most comfortable floral kimono robe and prepare yourself a meal that makes you feel well cared for. So many times we don’t take the time to prepare food for ourselves — you might be making food for your family, your kids, other folks, and you become secondary in your thought process. This month, prepare yourself a delicious, soul-warming meal at least once a week and fill yourself with the nourishment you deserve.

Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
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Let Your Body Move to the Music

At KIM+ONO, our co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, use music in the creative process behind each and every design of their silk robes. Music lets their minds be free so they can create the pieces that will give you comfort and joy as you sway this way. Let music warm you and your creativity up too. Whether you’re dancing around your living room, swaying with your favorite tunes, or feeling emotionally charged by listening to your favorite song — music has so much to give us. Create a warmer mood and vibe at home by playing the songs that make you feel surrounded by love, joy, and free your spirit.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha
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Enliven Your Daily Skincare Routine

We love making a routine into a ritual. And the same is true for your daily skincare routine. Hopefully you already have a skincare routine, but if not, you can start easily and simply with rose quartz gua sha. Without needing to purchase a whole skincare set, rose quartz gua sha can help to increase blood circulation and can help to detox the skin by draining the lymphatic system. This simple act of slipping into your floral kimono robe and using your rose quartz gua sha to give your skin and body some self care can having a warming effect on your whole spirit. Not sure where to start? Check out our rose quartz gua sha tutorial for step by step instructions!

KIM+ONO Silk Kimono Robes
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Bring Silk Robes into Your Daily Routine

One way to warm up this winter is to re-enliven your senses with silk. Our silk robes are a luxurious daily layer to add something special to your everyday. Whether you’re simply getting the kids out of the door for school, working from home, or trying to wind down from a busy day, your silk robe is your partner. Finding the silk robes that make you feel like the queen you are can give you a little extra pep in your step and remind you that you deserve to feel good each and every day.

KIM+ONO Kimono Robes for Men
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Kimono Robes for Men and Women in Your Life

We all know, from the challenges of the last couple of years, that relationships are everything to us. If we’re healthy and we have people in our lives who we love and who love us, we can get through anything. These are the basics and something we wish for you every single day. One way to generate more warmth this winter is to make it a purposeful act to nurture your relationships. You can do that by making monthly or weekly dinner dates with those you love. Maybe you decide to drape your partner in a kimono robe for men and lounge in matching silks! Or perhaps you simply schedule time to chat with your best friend every couple of weeks. Your sense of connection is so important to your well-being. Find your favorite kimono robe for men and surprise the man in your life, or stop over to your girlfriend’s house and surprise her with flowers. These little acts of connection go so far in creating warmth in your everyday and throughout all of your life. 

No matter how you bring a little extra warmth to this season, lovely, you deserve to feel good. Remember that sunshine and warmer temperatures are on the way. After the winter always comes spring. We’re almost there and hope our floral kimono robes can bring a little luxury to wrap around your shoulders throughout all the seasons of your life!

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